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Rizzoli publishes Hello Kitty Collaborations Artbook

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With Hello Kitty celebrating her 40th anniversary this year, Sanrio is collaborating with many companies to make it a memorable occasion, with a huge variety of events and merchandise. Book publisher Rizzoli has now released their own piece of memorabilia to honor the iconic character with the “Hello Kitty Collaborations” book! The first book on Hello Kitty’s brand collaborations celebrates Hello Kitty in her fabulously cute guises in fashion, streetwear, confectionery, cosmetics, toys, and more. Inspiring artists and designers over the past forty years, Hello Kitty has also collaborated with some of the most respected companies worldwide, and readers can find all of these cool works in this new coffee-table book.


Some of the collaborations featured in this book include fashion labels such as Liberty, Barbour, and Diesel, beauty brands including Crabtree & Evelyn and MAC, designer and sports brands such as A Bathing Ape, Undercover, Stussy, Super, Vans, and Reebok, as well as a variety of fellow characters and celebrities including Baby Milo, Elmo, Sonic the Hedgehog, the DC Comics superheroes, Lady Gaga, One Direction, X Japan, and KISS, to name a few.




Rizzoli began as Rizzoli Bookstore, opening on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1964, and has since become a national company, publishing high-quality illustrated books and opening new stores throughout the United States. Known for the quality of their coffee-table books, they have worked together with artists, illustrators, and photographers as well as big-name companies. Their published work covers a huge spectrum of topics, such as documenting art, historical assessments, children’s books, cookbooks and much more.

With this book, Sanrio and Rizzoli hope to show fans how far the Hello Kitty character has come over the decades, transforming from a cute character icon into one of the most recognized mascots in the world!


Sanrio’s Gudetama anime premieres!

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Sanrio’s latest anime venture, featuring their new egg character Gudetama, begins airing today in Japan! Gudetama, described as an egg without motivation, will star in the new animated shorts, airing in 1-minute segments alongside family news program Asa Chan. The character was created in 2013, and has since become one of Sanrio’s most popular food-based characters.


Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary!

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Hello Kitty, Sanrio’s most popular mascot character, is turning 40 this year! Designed in 1974 by artist and character designer Yuko Shimizu, the Hello Kitty character was originally created as a cute character to adorn Sanrio merchandise. Making her debut in the United States in 1976, Hello Kitty boomed into a cultural icon, with a variety of merchandise, apparel, stationery, appliances, and even vehicles like cars and airplanes.


To help celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary, a variety of events and collaborations are being held in Hello Kitty’s name worldwide. These include an event booth in the recent Paris Fashion Week, apparel releases in collaboration with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and even a compilation book titled “Hello Kitty Collaborations” that chronicles merchandise created with the character alongside 40 different brands. Other new collaborations include a theme song and Kitty-themed album cover by boy band SMAP, collaborative merchandise releases with The Simpsons, and even a new pink Mitsubishi Mirage dedicated to the kitty character.


Sanrio’s amusement park in Tama, Tokyo, known as Sanrio Puroland, is also holding special events and giveaways for this momentous occasion, including complimentary birthday cards, discount coupons for overseas travelers, and more. With all these cool events and more planned for the rest of the year, Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for the mascot character ever!


Stationery sale on new items!

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For every three pens, mechanical pencils or erasers of any combination you purchase, we’ll give you one for free! We are also holding a similar sale on all of our back-to-school notebooks, folders, and pencil cases featuring adorable Characters! come down to our Rosedale Shopping Center location to check out our stationery, and take some home with you!


Sanrio’s new Back-to-School gears!

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Tomodachi brought all new Sanrio’s gears together for the back-to-school season with a whole slew of new designer backpacks and bags! Featuring popular characters like Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, and more, these cool bags are color-coded and feature a huge variety of custom designs! These bags are made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, so you can be sure they can take a beating and keep all your valuables safe! we also have matching pencil cases and stationery to go with! Only available in-store at our Rosedale Shopping Center location, make sure to pick up one of these awesome bags while you can!