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The Elumenati + Children’s Museum of Manhattan

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Our friends at The Elumenati have been doing some seriously amazing work (as usual)!

Recently, the immersive projection design group developed a new GeoDome Panorama installation in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan as part of their “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far” exhibition. The Elumenati-designed geodome offers “3D exploration of mosque architecture from the Maldives to China,” prompting visitors to access a touchscreen interface to zoom in and experience the details in vivid color via panoramic images of each mosque’s interior and exterior.

Andrew Ackerman, Executive Director of the CMOM says “When the Children’s Museum of Manhattan began work on our exhibition six years ago, it was our dream to be able transport visitors around the world. With the help of the Elumenati’s amazing GeoDome Panorama and WorldViewer, that dream became a reality.”

As far as the technical details are concerned, The Elumenati’s blog nerdsplains, “This immersive installation uses a 4m semi-permanent Panorama and an OmniFocus 30210 projection system – 1920×1200 at 6,000 lumens, with a folded lens. We provided the image generating computer, WorldViewer, and content consulting services to help the museum build their own content and touchscreen GUI – which they’ll be able to easily refresh with new content, using WorldComposer’s simple user interface.”

Check out this amazing video of the Geodome Panorama at work, and if you happen to be in Manhattan, stop into the CMOM to see it with your own eyes.

Learn more about The Elumenati and their projects by visiting their website,