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Pusheen Party2 / 2017

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A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to Pusheen Party on Saturday — we had a blast and we hope you did too. Extra special thanks to our event partners GUND and Pusheen, as well as our celeb judges for the fashion contest Christopher Straub, Samantha Rei and Beth Hammarlund; DJ Don Greene for providing tunes, photographer Stacy Schwartz for working our Photo Booth, Jonathan Peterson and Insignity for tech support, Tricia Heuring of Public Functionary for judging our art contest, Jodi P at GUND for coming all the way to MN for our event, prize giveaway sponsors Hard Rock Cafe Mall of America and Pepper Palace Mall of America, and all of our employees and friends who helped make it happen. And also thanks to everyone who got their pic snapped in the photo booth — you all look great! More pics are posted on our FB page, so click below to find your pic and feel free to tag yourself and share!

At Pusheen Party, we were proud and excited to be the first to introduce the NEW Super Pusheenicorn from Gund! Hitting shelves in October, this huggable plush features snow white fur, a pink tail, colorful mane, lavender moon applique and a glittering silver horn that lights up. Pet Pusheen to activate magical sounds and lighting effects. PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN NOW VIA OUR WEBSITE! Reserve yours today by visiting us online.

Pushhen Part2 @tomodachi MoA 2017

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All photo by Stacy Schwartz @Tomodachi MoA

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Super Pusheenicorn @tomodachi MoA/Pusheen Party2, 2017

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