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Lilium unveils electric aircraft concept

2016 at 05:38 pm by admin | Comments Off


German aviation company Lilium has debut a design for a potential personal electric-powered aircraft in a recent press release, showing off concepts and designs they hope to implement in the future. The craft, which takes cues from both standard planes and helicopters, will be able to achieve a vertical take off from a standstill, and can achieve max speeds of 250 mph. The plane will be powered by an electric battery, allowing for 300 miles of flight before requiring a recharge. All of this is achieved thanks to the plane’s ducted fan engines, which lighten the load of the plane significantly, as well as result in a much quieter experience compared to modern helicopters. The plane, intended for recreational flying in low airspace, will still require users to hold a standard pilot’s license, and will begin testing in 2017 for a potential 2018 release, but it is an interesting look into the future of flight for the average citizen.




3Dvarius produces functional 3D-printed violin

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French company 3Dvarius has worked together with musician, artist, and violinist Laurent Bernadac in order to create a brand-new functional 3D-printed violin! This new piece, which is printed as a single large part, is designed to be affordable, lightweight, and easy to use, thanks to a in-depth research process into the 3D-printed material and how pressure from the strings and use affect the plastic product. The end result is a fully functional electric violin that sounds as beautiful as it looks! This new violin shows the wide variety of uses for 3D printing that have to be explored, and will hopefully lead to more new and exciting uses in the years to come!


Saltwater-powered car approved for European roads

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Nanoflowcell, a Liechtenstein-based automobile and research company, has been showing off the prototype for their new electric car, the Quant e-Sportlimousine, since its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show this past March. The vehicle, which is unique in that it uses a unique salt water mixture as fuel rather than gasoline, has now taken a huge step towards retail as it has been approved for testing on public roads throughout Germany and Europe!


The Quant e-Sportlimousine, which has been in development for the past 14 years, runs off of a petrol solution made from salt water that is activated through an electrochemical reaction and pumped into the car’s fuel cell, where the fluid creates electricity sent to the vehicle’s four electric motors. This unique technology allows the Quant e-Sportlimousine to travel up to 373 miles off of a single tank of the salt water solution, and reach speeds over 210 miles per hour.


Nanoflowcell has also partnered with German automobile company Bosch Engineering in order to further improve on the technology in the vehicle, and to help develop more street-ready prototypes over the course of 2014. With the aim of transforming their prototype into a retail-ready mass produced electric vehicle, the approval to test their car on European roads is the first step towards making that future a reality.