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Desktop machine creates custom 3d-printing filament

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3D printing has been steadily growing over the past years, and is now an affordable household item for many families across the nation. However, one of the biggest concerns has been the lack of variety in the plastic filament, which is what the printers use as their “ink” to create their 3D models. UK-based team OmniDynamics hopes to fix this problem with their new Stroodler desktop machine, which will be able to convert plastic pellets into filaments for 3D printers!


The Stroodler, which is set to release in October, will be able to create both PLA and ABS filaments, which are the current industry standard for a majority of printers, and OmniDynamics is working on support with other household plastics, like plastic water bottles. Since the machine creates the filament by melting down the small plastic pellets and mixing them together, users can even scrap their failed 3D-printed projects and transform them into usable filament once again. Plastics can also be mixed to create custom colors and plastic consistencies, making this the first tool of its kind for household 3D printing.