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Artist transforms floor into interactive light exhibit

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French digital artist Miguel Chevalier is often recognized as one of the pioneer of the virtual art medium, creating a wide variety of interactive museums and artwork created with the aid of technology. Now, he has brought his work to the city of Casablanca, Morocco, with his new “Magic Carpets” installation! The French Institute of Morocco invited Chevalier to transform the Sacré Coeur church into an interactive exhibit, and Chevalier has done so by turning the floor into a mesmerizing mixture of color, shape, and sound.




The designs change and warp according to the movements of people walking on top of the exhibit, creating a dialogue between the individual and the exhibit space itself. Accompanying the exhibit is echoing music composed by Michel Redolfi, renowned French electronic composer. Combining digital technology with viewer interaction and the actual space, Miguel Chevalier’s latest piece continues to mesmerize visitors and international fans alike.

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13th FICAM Moroccan animation festival

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The 13th annual International Festival for Animated Films, or FICAM for short, has just wrapped up its week-long celebration of animators and their work from all over the world. Opening on March 21st in Meknes, Morocco, this festival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of the art medium in the African continent, featuring more than 60 animated shorts and feature films alongside conferences, exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and more. The event, founded by chairman Mardochee Devico, hopes to attract students from fine art institutes from all over the world and generate interest in animated films, striving to become one of the biggest animated film festivals in the nation. The event was even attended by the French and Canadian ambassadors to Morocco, among other big names in the animation industry.


A wide variety of artists showed their pieces at the event, hailing from Africa, Europe, Asia, Hollywood, and more. Competitions were held throughout the event in order to help raise funds for independent animators and their works, especially since animation is a relatively new art field in Morocco. Films shown at the festival included independent works like “Feast”, created by last year’s festival competition winner Abdellatif El Ayyadi, as well as popular French short film, “Aya of Youpougon”, which was based off of the comic of the same name, which won first prize at the Angouleme International Festival For Comics in 2006. With each passing year gaining more and more international recognition for the festival, next year’s FICAM festival is definitely worth looking out for!