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Globe sculpture made from matchsticks

2014 at 03:16 pm by admin | Comments Off


In an extreme act of patience and dedication to his craft, New York-based artist Andy Yoder has created a large-scale globe sculpture made entirely out of matchsticks! The globe was created first as a inner frame consisting of foam, plywood, and cardboard in order to create the sphere, and to hold the matchsticks securely in place. The matches themselves are individually painted, with each head representing an individual speck of color on the 3D canvas. Together, the matchstick heads come together to form continents, oceans, cloud formations, and even natural landmarks like deserts and mountain ranges!


The entire piece took over two years to create, and is an amazing feat to behold at a distance as well as up close and personal. Andy’s globe will be on display in the upcoming PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair, which will be open from May 8th through May 11th. Make sure to pay it a visit if you’re in the area!