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Artist transforms shipyard into light art

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Croatian artist Deak Skira is a designer who specializes in the use of innovative lighting solutions in the use of landspaces, commercial and residential spaces, and more. Now his work is lighting up his hometown, as his newest work has recently been unveiled at the Uljanik Shipyard in the seaside city of Pula, Croatia. This installation piece, titled “Lighting Giants”, highlights some of the oldest working shipyard cranes in the world, which have been operational since 1856.

The light show begins every night at 9PM, and turns on for 15 minutes every hour until midnight. In these 15 minutes, the installed lights transform the industrial skyline into multi-colored spectacles that resemble classical origami cranes, with various different colors and hues cycled through over the course of the night. Skira, who notes that the project took 14 years to come to fruition, was inspired by the sight of the cranes as a child.