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Android Mini Series 05 at TOMODACHI

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2015 has brought Android fans a new surprise with the release of the 5th Android Mini Collectible blind box series! The previous series released in late 2013, and the newest series doesn’t disappoint, bringing 16 new designs from artists like Andrew Bell, Jon Paul Kaiser, Devilrobots, and more. Android fans will be glad to hear that this brand-new set of 3″ Android collectibles is available now at TOMODACHI! Check out either of our in-store locations at the Rosedale Shopping Center or the Mall of America to get your hands on some cool new Android merchandise!


Google unveils modular smartphone prototype

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Multimedia company Google has been delving into developing its own unique gadgets and accessories over the past few years, ranging from Google Glass to Android phones and accessories. One of their projects, codenamed Project Ara, has been in development since 2012, and has finally been unveiled for the consumer market! Known in the official announcement video as simply Ara, the new Google phone shows off its capabilities as a modular designer smartphone.

The device itself features a framed format with several slots of various sizes, allowing for a fully customizable experience. In the video, Google shows off the possibilities of the modular design, showing off a number of gadgets, tools, and features that can be implemented into the phone by simply switching out the pieces. The Ara can even replace broken pieces through its modular system with ease, likely reducing repair costs and leading to a more streamlined experience. The Ara is currently scheduled to release in Puerto Rico as a test run in late 2015, with worldwide releases coming soon afterwards. In the meantime, Google has announced a media event for Project Ara on January 21st, which will have more details about the phone’s abilities and future releases.


Google reveals prototype self-driving car

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Google has been testing autonomous self-driving cars since 2009, driving over 700,000 miles in modified vehicles with no accidents or injuries. Now, Google has unveiled its plans to take this project to the next step with their new prototype autonomous vehicle! Unlike the last two Google self-driving cars, which were modified from existing vehicles like the Totoya Prius and Lexus RX350h, the new Google car has been designed from the ground up to drive itself! Because of this, it has removed many items and equipment from the car that was necessary for human-input driving, like the steering wheel and pedals.

This first prototype vehicle is designed with safety in mind, taking advantage of foam-like plastics and windshield in order to minimize damage in the event of a crash. The car also only has a range of 100 miles, and can only reach speeds of 25 mph, but both of these limitations were designed with the purpose of safety, as well as to test out the autonomous driving functions. 100 of these new cars will be tested in California this summer, and will be taken to public roads across the nation by the end of the year. While Google says that fully autonomous cars are at least five years away from being ready for commercial use and retail, this new prototype vehicle is a big step towards making this sci-fi dream a reality.


Rubik’s Cube exhibition celebrates 40th anniversary

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The Rubik’s Cube has been an iconic toy and puzzle game across the world, creating a cultural sensation in the 1980s and being played with to this day. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the classic toy, and to celebrate the occasion, a brand-new exhibit will open up at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, titled “Beyond Rubik’s Cube”!


The exhibit, which is the product of a partnership with Google and Ernő Rubik, the original creator of the Rubik’s Cube, will span over 7,000 square feet, and feature a huge variety of Rubik’s Cube variations and installations, alongside educational tours and the history behind the world’s most popular puzzle toy. These include a car-sized hollow Cube for visitors to enter, cubes that create music with every rotation, and even featuring the most expensive Cube and toy in the world, an 18-karat-gold and jewel-encrusted working Cube valued at $2.5 million! The exhibit opens this Saturday to visitors and fans alike, and will remain open until November. The fun won’t stop there, though, as the exhibit will then travel across the globe over the next seven years!

Rubik’s Cube is a 3D puzzle toy invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor Ernő Rubik, who originally called the toy the Magic Cube. Created as a scientific tool, the Rubik’s Cube was released internationally in 1980, and immediately became a cultural sensation, selling over 350 million cubes since and becoming the world’s best-selling puzzle game and toy. The classic cube is compromised of six faces, with six different sticker colors, with an internal pivot mechanism that allows the different faces to be turned independently. The Cube, reaching the height of its popularity in the 1980s, has since spawned a variety of tournaments, clubs, and variations on the classic design.


Google presents 3D scanning phone

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Google has recently revealed their next addition to the booming smartphone industry: a brand-new mobile phone with a built-in, real-time 3D scanner. Called Project Tango, this new phone, which is currently only available to developers, takes advantage of a number of motion tracking cameras and depth sensors in order to scan the environment in real time, and immediately recreate the environment onto the phone. The phone takes 250,000 3D measurements a second, allowing the camera to instantly update with new information on the fly. This new technology, similar to the scanning technology featured in Microsoft’s Kinect software, has been in development for over a year, and hopes that the technology will be used to revolutionize GPS navigation, as well as gaming and other applications.