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Marvel Labbits by Frank Kozik release

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Kidrobot’s line of collectible Marvel merchandise has just received several new additions, thanks to Frank Kozik: a second line in the Marvel Labbit mini-series, as well as a brand new 7″ Labbit! The second Marvel Labbit mini series stands at 2.5″ tall like its previous series, and features a whole slew of new characters and designs.


These include fan favorites and brand-new designs, like Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thing, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Carnage, Anti-Venom, and more! Each of these new mini-series figures is blind boxed, so you won’t know what super powered Labbit you’ll get! Alongside this new mini-series is a new design for Kozik’s 7″ line, featuring the Deadpool design previously seen in the first mini-series set! Depicting the humorous anti-hero in all his glory, this new Labbit includes a large mouth-mounted gatling gun, and unique decals across its figure.

TOMODACHI now has both of these cool new Marvel releases in-stock at both our Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our online shop! With the Labbit mini-series blind boxes retailing at $9.99, and the Deadpool 7″ Labbit at $49.99, don’t miss out on your chance to pick up these super releases!


Frank Kozik’s new wave of Labbits

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Frank Kozik has once again worked together with Kidrobot to bring you a whole new batch of amazing new “The Lore of the Labbit” blind box set, which features 18 mythical myths in vinyl form. Featuring designs like sasquatches, yetis, aliens, kind lizards, and other urban legends, these 1.5″ Labbits are just as collectible as they are grotesque!

These awesome new Labbit designs are available now at TOMODACHI, both in-store at our Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our online shop! Make sure to stop by and pick up a brand-new Labbit design for yourself!