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Artist transforms abandoned building into art

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Artist Katharina Grosse has taken it upon herself over the weekend to turn a condemned building on the New York beach into a work of art. Titled “Rockaway!”, Grosse has encompassed an abandoned aquatics building at Fort Tilden, which had been deemed structurally unsafe and was scheduled for demolition, with her signature style of spray paint art. The result is the transformation of the space from an eyesore into a vibrant playground of color, which expands from within the building itself to the sidewalk and environment around it. This is not Grosse’s first work with condemned structures, as the artist formerly created similar artwork out of buildings deserted after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans in 2008. As for “Rockaway!”, the piece is scheduled to remain until November 30th, 2016, after which demolition of the abandoned building will go underway.



Beach Bot draws Walt Disney portrait in sand

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Science and robotics team ETH Zurich debuted its Beach Bot robot last December, which is capable of transforming any imported artwork or line art design into a large-scale pattern which it then scars into sand using a rear-mounted rake. After making sand art across the world over the past few months, ETH Zurich have collaborated with Disney Research in order to bring Disney’s iconic pioneer, Walt Disney, to life in sand art form! The Beach Bot created its latest work of art at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida, even mimicking Walt’s signature in the sand below the portrait! Visitors to Disney World can check out this robotic masterpiece for themselves, and can be sure to see more Beach Bot artwork pop up worldwide in the future!


Robot transforms beach into canvas

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Researchers and scientists at ETH Zurich have taken sand art to the next level with their newest robotic creation! This robotic artist, titled the Beach Bot, was originally unveiled at December’s TechFest in Mumbai, India, and is able to transform any imported artwork or line art design into a large-scale sand pattern, approximating the size of the drawing and then using its rear-mounted rake to etch the artwork into the sand. The robot can be remote controlled as well as left to draw autonomously, and is able to create swooping loop patterns as well as iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and Nemo! While the robot excels at loops and curves, it is able to create right angles by simply lifting its rake, repositioning itself with internal sensors and scanners, and placing the rake down to continue the line. In the future, the Beach Bot team hopes to expand the robot’s abilities by equipping it with various tools to create different textures and erase its own line. Watch the video below to see the robot in action!