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Banksy’s new mural thanks Bristol school

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Banksy, internationally renowned graphic designer and street artist, has once against left one of his anonymous graffiti pieces for the world to enjoy, this time at Bright Farm primary school in Bristol, England. The piece, which depicts a crayon-like drawing of a schoolgirl playing with a realistic flaming tire, was drawn in thanks to the elementary school for their recent naming of one of their four school houses after Banksy. On top of that, Banksy, who is said to have been born and raised in Bristol, left a personalized note with the art piece, thanking the school for naming the building after him and encouraging students to add onto the artwork, cheekily stating “it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission”. The school has decided to keep the artwork as is, in order for the piece to serve as inspiration for their student body.


Banksy art recreated in LEGO

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Award-winning professional photographer Jeff Friesen has been working with LEGO bricks since last summer, creating photo series like “The Great LEGO North” and “50 States of LEGO” which tell unique and lovable stories through the familiar building bricks. Friesen has now shown off his latest LEGO photo series, based on the popular street artist Banksy!


Titled “Bricksy: LEGO Banksy”, this new photo series not only adapts several Banksy graffiti pieces into miniature format, but also adds a new dimension to these pictures, giving Banksy’s work a new humorous meaning. The series include 20 photos, and prints can be bought directly from The Brick Fantastic’s website. With a new book titled “United States of LEGO” coming out this September, more fun and exciting LEGO works are sure to come!




Banksy is a world-known street artist whose identity has remained completely anonymous for over a decade. Banksy’s art often turns up where people least expect it: on a street corner, on the side of an old building, and so on. Hiding complex and aggressive political statements behind cute characters and funny imagery, his work has gained international fame, as well as a multitude of imitators. Banksy has also worked in filmography, releasing his first film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010 to much praise from art enthusiasts as well as film critics. Releasing work to this day, Banksy continues to be one of the most iconic and mysterious artists of our age.