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Paint oil canvas digitally with Adobe

2016 at 08:53 pm by admin | Comments Off


Creative software developer Adobe will partner up with Nvidia on their latest program, titled Project Wetbrush! The project is a proposed software program in which users can create artwork that accurately mimics the look, feel, and depth of real-life canvas painting. The program will allow users to realistically produce painting on their digital canvas, mixing paints and stacking layers to create a life-like finished product. The painting will then either be able to be saved like a standard image, or saved as a 3D file that can be viewed from a number of angles, revealing the brush strokes and layers of paint as a thick surface. Artists can look forward to seeing this technology develop in earnest as the year goes on, and hopefully look forward to an official announcement as to when they can get their hands on this awesome piece of technology!


Adobe Creative Jam has arrived to Minneapolis

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Adobe, international software and design company, has brought its Creative Jam design conference and experience to Minneapolis! Previously hosted in cities across the world like Brooklyn, Atlanta, Mexico City, Tokyo, London, Montreal, Madrid, and many more, Creative Jam is a unique mix of conference and competition, as designer teams compete in art-based tournaments using Adobe software, while at the same time presenting their own creative processes to large audiences in the Creative Jam Presentations. This summer’s Creative Jam is being hosted in Minneapolis as well as Vancouver on June 23rd, with another location at the Bump Festival in Belgium starting on June 24th. Many artists from all over the world will be participating in these festivities, as well as dozens of locally based teams. Let’s support our local artists, as well as creativity from all over the world, by checking out this year’s Adobe Creative Jam for yourself! Learn more about Creative Jam at their website at!


Photoshop announces 3D printing compatibility

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Adobe has always tried to be on the cutting edge of technology, adding new updates and functionality to their programs since their inception in 1982. Now, after a press conference this Thursday, Adobe has announced that their flagship design program, Photoshop, will now be optimized to edit 3D designs and output them directly to a 3D printer! All of Photoshop’s features will be available in designing and adjusting these 3D designs, including adding color, texture, shape, and more. Photoshop will also provide users with a live update of the progress of their build, including elements like support structures to help ensure the quality of the print.


The final product can then either be exported as a separate file, or printed directly from Photoshop to select printers. By introducing this new functionality, Adobe wishes to simplify the otherwise complicated process of outputting 3D models for printing, as well as compatibility issues with the wide variety of different 3D printing software currently on the market. In a move that will surely help 3D printing take hold as an affordable creative process, Adobe has helped take the first step to bring 3D printers to ordinary households.