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Zero-G 3D printer launched into space

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California-based company Made In Space can now lay claim to the title of first off-world manufacturer as its brand-new zero-gravity 3D printer has taken off for the International Space Station! Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Made in Space 3D Printer uses standard ABS plastic and additive printing used in most modern 3D printers, but uses new technology that will allow the printer to create objects without the use of gravity, which other modern 3D printers require in order to operate. The printer is part of a plan to install a 3D printer on the ISS that can manufacture replacement components and new parts on-demand, removing the need for costly spacecraft to continuously launch supplies to the station.


While Made in Space has not yet revealed what technology allows their prototype printer to create objects in zero-gravity, a second model of their printer will be sent into space in 2015, and will be developed as an open platform for other companies. The printer, which can currently only print with standard ABS plastic, may also be upgraded in the coming years to print with other materials, like metals and aluminum. The Made in Space 3D printer is scheduled to create its first in-space gadgets and miniatures in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Engineer creates 3D-printed castle playground

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Minnesota architect and enginner Andrey Rudenko has put his homemade 3D cement printer to work in creating a life-size castle playground in his very own backyard! The project has been over two years in the works, with Rudenko posting regular updates on the status of his printer and the project on his YouTube channel. The castle, which features detailed inner architecture and separate rooms, was only the test for the printer, and now Rudenko wishes to begin working on a full-scale house with his concrete printer. While houses have been 3D-printed in less than a day in the past, these houses have simply been the outer walls, with no inner architecture. Hoping to change that with his own printer, Rudenko believes that 3D printing will help lower production costs and make a safer environment for construction workers in the field.


Disney reveals new 3D printing technology

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3D printing has been used in a variety of mediums to demonstrate the possibilities of the new technology, ranging from surgery, construction, and art. Researchers at Disney have now taken the 3D printing technology in a new direction by unveiling a new printing technique to transform any 3D printed object into a functional speaker! This technique, explained in a video uploaded by Disney Research, takes advantage of older electrostatic loudspeaker technology, and prints layers of the electrodes and insulators necessary for vibration into the object itself. The result is a unique, durable creation that can become an interactive toy for children and adults alike!


On top of that, Disney Research has also revealed new technology to 3D print plush teddy bears! This process involves using a 3D printer that also acts as a makeshift sewing machine, using wool and blended yarns, and shows off the ability to combine soft and tough materials to include electronic components into the plush figures. The end product is a toy that is very similar to hand-knitted products, and the technology is hoped to be used in the future to help create “soft” robots, designed to be touched and played with.

With scientists at Disney Research developing such unique uses for upcoming 3D printing technology, the possibilities behind this new tech are becoming more and more limitless!


Photoshop announces 3D printing compatibility

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Adobe has always tried to be on the cutting edge of technology, adding new updates and functionality to their programs since their inception in 1982. Now, after a press conference this Thursday, Adobe has announced that their flagship design program, Photoshop, will now be optimized to edit 3D designs and output them directly to a 3D printer! All of Photoshop’s features will be available in designing and adjusting these 3D designs, including adding color, texture, shape, and more. Photoshop will also provide users with a live update of the progress of their build, including elements like support structures to help ensure the quality of the print.


The final product can then either be exported as a separate file, or printed directly from Photoshop to select printers. By introducing this new functionality, Adobe wishes to simplify the otherwise complicated process of outputting 3D models for printing, as well as compatibility issues with the wide variety of different 3D printing software currently on the market. In a move that will surely help 3D printing take hold as an affordable creative process, Adobe has helped take the first step to bring 3D printers to ordinary households.