3D printing full-scale buildings

2014 at 03:00 pm by admin


With the advent of the 3D printing market, including such companies as MakerBot, Cubify, Shapeways, and more, the possibilities of 3D printing becoming a household staple are growing bigger and bigger each year. However, inventors across the world are beginning to look past the possibilities of affordable, desktop 3D printers, and thinking big. Two companies in particular, Contour Crafting and KamerMaker, have plans to print entire buildings with oversized 3D printers!


Taking advantage of new, innovative technology, each company approaches the issue of 3D printing a house in a unique direction. The KamerMaker, a 20′ tall 3D printer based in Amsterdam, is applying the fundamentals of 3D printing on a massive scale, using environmentally-friendly plastic to print out each individual piece of the house, including walls and furniture. The pieces can then snap together easily, allowing for quick and simple construction.


On the other hand, Contour Crafting’s printer takes advantage of the dynamic nature of concrete to 3D print entire walls and houses in a single day, applying layer upon layer of durable concrete all at once. Due to the dynamic new process used in creating these walls, the concrete walls are not only functional, but extremely durable. Contour Crafting plans to apply this process to quickly create remote bases for military, and even create suitable housing locations on the Moon!


The KamerMaker’s first printed house is set to open to the public in March, and Contour Crafting is currently in negotiations with the Naval Science Foundation. Both techniques allow for implementation of luxuries like plumbing and electric wiring, creating a suitable and economic living environment. With tens of thousands of injuries and deaths related to building construction each year, these exciting methods of quickly and safely creating buildings look to not only save time and resources, but human lives.


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