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Godzilla anime film announced

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After the success of the recent “Godzilla: Resurgence” film, animation studio POLYGON PICTURES has announced that a brand-new Godzilla animated film is in the works for 2017! The announcement was released alongside a teaser image of the film, showing a futuristic vehicle on what appears to be Monster Island, long thought to be the home of Godzilla and other kaiju from throughout the series’ history. The announcement also revealed that Kobun Shizuno, known for his work on Detective Conan and Fist of the North Star, and Hiroyuki Seshita, who has worked on Ajin and Knights of Sidonia, will be directing the film, with story and screenplay written by Gen Urobuchi of Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero fame. More news on this anime adaptation of the classic monster will surely be released throughout the rest of the year, so stay tuned!


Upcoming Godzilla film teaser and details

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After 2014’s popular American-made Godzilla film by Legendary Films, fans worldwide have been left looking for more Godzilla action in the future. Alongside Legendary’s planned sequel for their Godzilla film, Japanese film company and original Godzilla creators Toho has started to release info about their own entry into the Godzilla franchise! The film will the first Japanese-made Godzilla film since “Godzilla” Final Wars” in 2004, and the studio has announced that the film will be directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi! Both directors have been known for their previous works with giant monsters; Anno is mostly known for his work with the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” franchise as well as his work with Ghibli film “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, while Higuchi is known for directing the recent “Attack on Titan” anime adaptation. On top of this announcement, the first teaser poster was released, showing off Godzilla’s giant footprint. While no release date has yet been set for the film, things are looking up for one of Japan’s most iconic characters!


Godzilla movie set commemorates 60th anniversary

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It has been 60 years since Godzilla first appeared on the big screen across Japan, astounding audiences with its state-of-the-art effects and fostering an entire genre of movies. With the brand new 2014 Godzilla movie by American film company Legendary Pictures, Japanese company Toho has decided to pay tribute to their monster icon by releasing all 28 Godzilla films on DVD and Blu-Ray! Containing ever Godzilla movie from 1954’s Godzilla to 2004’s Godzilla Final Wars, this compilation will even feature the 1998 American-made Godzilla film! The DVD set of these movies will release on May 14th, mere days before the release of the brand new Godzilla film, while the Blu-Ray versions will release in two batches on June 18th and July 16th. Stay tuned for more news as we get closer and closer to the release of the brand new Godzilla film!