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New agile “cheetah” robot to outrun humans

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Researchers and engineers at MIT have worked together to develop a brand-new robot that might one day outrun human beings. The robot, based on the aesthetics and properties of the cheetah, features an innovative algorithm that mimics the cheetah’s bounding gait, and has so far been shown to move at a steady 10 miles per hour. The robot can even use its cheetah-based bound to leap over small obstacles! These breakthroughs can be attributed to the new algorithm, which allows the robot to determine how much force to exert in each bound in order to maintain a constant speed. The robot can currently handle treadmill experiments and field tests on grassy hills, compensating for small bumps and obstacles and maintaining balance and speed. Researchers hope to push this technology even further, turning the robot’s speed up to 30 mph!


Social robot aims for 2015 retail release

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Dr. Cynthia Breazeal has been working with robotics since the 1990s, teaching at the M.I.T. Media Laboratory and developing innovative robotics and solutions. One of these was the popular robot head Kismet, released in 2003 and designed to understand and interact with young children through the use of complex actuators and sensors. Dr. Breazeal has now unveiled her newest robot, titled Jibo, who is designed to be a human companion and social aid. Jibo, who stands at almost a foot tall, features a simple, abstract design, including a movable LCD screen used to display expressions, emotions, and messages. Jibo will be able to connect wirelessly to the internet, and is designed to perform a variety of tasks, including taking pictures, delivering messages, and acting as a friend with its own personality.

Dr. Breazeal hopes that Jibo will be expanded upon by app designers and third-party developers, enabling Jibo to perform more complex and personalized interactive abilities like tutoring, coaching, and more. She also hopes that the new robot will help transform the nature of human-computer interaction, transforming it into a more fluid and human-like dialogue between two individuals. The Jibo is still in developmental stages, as developer units will not be available until fall 2015, with $499 retail consumer units planned for holidays 2015, but this little robot is sure to transform the way people think about robots and technology at home and in general!


MIT develops 3D interaction technology

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT for short, is always making leaps and bounds in the development and practical application of technology in our daily lives. Now, researchers at MIT have developed a new application for utilizing depth-sensing cameras and 3D technology to create real world 3D environments. Titled inFORM, this technology picks up objects in front of the depth-sensing cameras and sends signals to a motorized pin screen. The pin screen will then replicate the object in 3D space, rendering both shape and motion in real-time. This technology can also be used to project images onto the pins, as well as recreate digital objects like graphs and shapes. Researchers hope that this technology will eventually be utilized in the real world by architects, doctors, engineers, and more!