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Studio Ghibli artist Michiyo Yasuda passes away

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After decades of working on Studio Ghibli’s many films, the unfortunate news has come to light that prolific Ghibli artist Michiyo Yasuda has passed away earlier this month. Yasuda, who was 77 when she passed on October 5th, originally worked at Toei Doga in 1958, and became one of Studio Ghibli’s most influential color artists from the studio’s inception. Her work includes iconic Ghibli films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Ponyo, and most recently The Wind Rises, along with other animated pieces like the Hols: Prince of the Sun and the Future Boy Conan series.


In total, Yasuda’s career at Ghibli spans 40 years and many films, and she as surely left her mark on Ghibi and the animated medium as a whole with her gorgeous color design and artwork. As Yasuda herself said in a 2009 interview, “Color has a meaning, and it makes the film more easily understood. Colors and pictures can enhance what the situation is on screen.” Her passing will be dearly missed by fans from all over the world, and her integral role in making Ghibli films what they are will not soon be forgotten.



“The Red Turtle” to hit theaters in the US

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“The Red Turtle”, an animated film directed by Dutch animator Michaël Dudok de Wit and co-produced by Studio Ghibli, will be coming to the United States! The announcement comes off the heels of the film’s official Japanese release on September 17th, as well as the film’s original debut at the 2016 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in France this past May. The film, which has received praise from viewers and critics alike from all over the world, follows the story of a marooned sailor and his day-to-day struggle to survive on a deserted island, as well as the mystery of a red sea turtle he encounters on one of his escape attempts. It was announced that “The Red Turtle” will be released at select theaters nationwide starting on January 20th, 2017. Mark your calendars to go see this awesome movie, and check out the release trailer below!


Ghibli exhibit to host exclusive menu

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The brand new upcoming Studio Ghibli exhibit, titled “The Great Ghibli Exhibition~From Nausicaä to Red Turtle~”, has announced a brand-new exclusive menu to go alongside the exhibit! The exhibit will open on July 7th in Tokyo, and will begin serving these unique foods at the Museum Café THE SUN in the exhibition. The menu offers a wide variety of options, each of them themed after Studio Ghibli characters from the company’s years of animated films. Some of the food options include a Soot Sprite black hamburger, Totoro matcha shaved ice dessert, a Nausicaä-themed parfait, and even the sunny-side-up egg on toast from Castle in the Sky! The exhibit will also feature a wide variety of Ghibli memorabilia and souvenirs on top of these delicious treats, making this exhibit a must-see for any Ghibli fan!




It has been announced that Studio Ghibli’s most recent animated film, “When Marnie Was There” will finally release in English for Ghibli fans overseas! The localization process and translation will be handled that entertainment studio GKids, whom have worked with Ghibli works like “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” in the past. The film, which originally opened in Japan in July 2014, is based on a popular children’s book of the same title by author Joan G. Robinson. The story stars 12-year-old girl Anna, whom is sent away from home to recuperate from her worsening asthma after her parents’ death. There, she finds the mysterious Marsh House, and dreams of it and an elegant blonde-haired girl trapped within. Finding that the blonde-haired girl, Marnie, exists in reality, Anna and Marnie form an unbreakable bond and work together to overcome fear. The English dubbed release of “When Marnie Was There” is currently scheduled to release in North America this spring.


Artist recreates Totoro house in paper

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“My Neighbor Totoro” is one of Studio Ghibli’s most iconic and popular films, known worldwide and even featured in Studio Ghibli’s own logo. One diligent fan has now paid tribute to the 1988 classic animated film by recreating the Kusakabe house from the movie entirely in paper!


The artist, known as Kurosuke on the Japanese website Nicovideo, uploaded a production log of the project, which spanned two and a half years of work. The kit is based on a 1/150 scale official papercraft diorama kit of the house, though Kurosuke had to significantly alter the original structure to achieve the look intended for the project.


The house features screen-accurate architecture, and was hand-painted by Kurosuke in order to match the weathered appearance seen in the movie. Not content with simply painting on details, the artist even cut out 1800 individual scraps of paper in order to create the tiled roof of the building, along with adding actual weathering effects to wood panels across the house!

The finished result, which turns the house into a miniature masterpiece, features a detailed diorama with dirt, trees, and plant life in order to make the display as close to the movie as possible.


When Marnie Was There full trailer released

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Studio Ghibli has released the final trailer for their lastest film, “When Marnie Was There”, alongside the film’s theatrical release in Japan this past week. The film, which is the third Ghibli film to be released within the last 12 months, is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who has worked on a number of other Ghibli movies including Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, and The Secret World of Arrietty among others. The movie is based on the novel “When Marnie Was There”, written by children’s book author Joan G. Robinson in 1981. While the film released in Japan on July 19th, no date has yet been set for a stateside release.

The story stars 12-year-old girl Anna, whom is sent away from home to recuperate from her worsening asthma after her parents’ death. There, she finds the mysterious Marsh House, and dreams of it and an elegant blonde-haired girl trapped within. Finding that the blonde-haired girl, Marnie, exists in reality, Anna and Marnie form an unbreakable bond and work together to overcome fear.


Ghibli’s Princess Kaguya coming to States

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With Ghlibi’s recent movie, “The Wind Rises”, just releasing in American theaters, fan expectations have been high for the upcoming movie, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”. Not ones to disappoint, film distributor GKIDS has announced that they have entered agreements to bring the new Ghibli animated feature to America! The movie aired in movie theaters throughout Japan on November 23, 2013, and is planned for American release sometime in late 2014, with DVD and Blu-Ray releases to follow in early 2015. GKIDS, which has lent a hand in distributing Ghibli’s previous two films, “The Wind Rises” and “From Up on Poppy Hill”, and is sure to meet fan’s expectations with this new release.

“The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, directed by Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata, is based off of the famous Japanese folk tale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”, which has since become an integral part of Japanese culture and history. “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, eight years in the making, was originally meant to air as a double feature alongside Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”, but was pushed back from its original release date of summer 2013 to November 2013.


New “Kiki’s Delivery Service” live-action trailer

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Studio Ghibli has been known for creating a wide variety of classic animated films over the past decades, bringing to life childhood stories as well as original tales. Now, one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous movie adaptations, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, will be receiving the live-action treatment, using actors and CG rather than hand-drawn animation.


The newest trailer for this upcoming film features the film’s theme song, “Wake Me Up,” and also unveils the first footage of Kiki’s black cat, Jiji. The film will open in Japan on March 1st, 2014, with no current plans to localize the movie for the West.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a children’s fantasy novel, originally published in 1985 by writer Eiko Kadono. The story follows the adventures of Kiki, a young witch, who uses her magic abilities to earn a living. The novel was incredibly popular, spawning several sequels and leading to the Studio Ghibli movie rendition in 1989. Ghibli’s film adaptation helped spread the novel’s story across the world, and even created its own manga adaptation and stage musical.