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Play Arts Kai debuts Spider-Man figure

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Square Enix has updated their line of Marvel-based Play Arts Kai figures with the announcement of Play Arts Kai Spider-Man! Originally debuting at concept artwork at New York Comic Con this past October, the figure is finally ready to hit shelves all over the world! The collectible features all of Play Arts Kai’s iconic articulation and attention to detail, as well as sporting a unique redesign akin to other Play Arts Marvel figures previously shown, such as Iron Man and Thor. Sporting a unique armor-styled suit with black details and ridges, the figure itself includes a number of swappable hands to perform all of Spidey’s iconic poses, as well as several different kinds of web effect pieces. He even comes with a unique web-shaped stand along with the standard Play Arts support stand! Currently slated for an August 2015 release, this new Marvel collectible is now open for preorders at around $120 USD, so Spider-Man fans everywhere shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get their hands on this awesome web-slinging figure!




Spider-like robots to help space construction

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NASA-affiliated robotics company Tethers Unlimited has unveiled its first design for its robot prototypes designed for use in space! The robots, part of the tentatively titled SpiderFab project, feature multiple arms and a unique spinneret-like 3D printer to create a web of building material in space. These robots are designed to provide an alternative means of putting together important constructions in space, like antennas, solar arrays, replacement parts for telescopes and spacecraft, and even livable infrastructure!


Tethers Unlimited hopes for these robots to not only alleviate the resources used to currently blast building material into space using expensive and hazardous rockets, but also to use the robots to create larger and more complex structures in space than could ever be launched from Earth. Prototypes are currently being worked on, with future tests to be carried out in orbit.