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Disneyland Shanghai designs unveiled

2015 at 01:13 pm by admin | Comments Off


In an exciting move for Disney fans all over the world, Disney has officially released our first look at the upcoming Disneyland Shanghai amusement parks! The news was unveiled at a press conference by Disney chief executive Bob Iger, who went on to describe what the park will offer to its visitors. Disney Shanghai will be split into six distinct areas based on Disney films, animations, and media. These include Mickey Avenue as the main entrance to the park, which will lead to the Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Trasure Cove, and Tomorrowland.


There will also be unique areas like the Star Wars Launch Bay and Marvel Universe parks, which will feature props, memorabilia, sets, and other events for visitors to enjoy. New events have already been announced for the park as well, including a Mandarin-language stage performance of the “Lion King” musical, as well as exclusive merchandise like Zodiac-themed Disney characters. The park, which is located in Chuansha, Shanghai, will open in Spring 2016, so make plans to check out the newest grandiose Disney resort next year!


DreamWorks announces Shanghai-based DreamCenter

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DreamWorks Animation SKG., an American-based animation studio known for their CG films like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, and more, has recently unveiled their plans to open up a brand new entertainment complex in Shanghai, considered as China’s business capital. This new resort, created alongside Chinese investment fund CMC Capital Partners, will span across a 463,000 square meter area, and will include a wide variety of tourist attractions, as well as film studios for the recently created Oriental DreamWorks, and other facilities. These will include a 500-seat IMAX theater, intended for red carpet events, international film festivals, and more, alongside restaurants, bars, and other performance venues. The DreamCenter will also feature an entire “Dream Avenue” live-theater district, making the DreamCenter a one-stop destination for a wide variety of entertainment mediums. The DreamCenter is expected to open in 2017, and will be one of the largest entertainment attractions in Shanghai, so make sure to pay it a visit one day!