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Spider-like robots to help space construction

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NASA-affiliated robotics company Tethers Unlimited has unveiled its first design for its robot prototypes designed for use in space! The robots, part of the tentatively titled SpiderFab project, feature multiple arms and a unique spinneret-like 3D printer to create a web of building material in space. These robots are designed to provide an alternative means of putting together important constructions in space, like antennas, solar arrays, replacement parts for telescopes and spacecraft, and even livable infrastructure!


Tethers Unlimited hopes for these robots to not only alleviate the resources used to currently blast building material into space using expensive and hazardous rockets, but also to use the robots to create larger and more complex structures in space than could ever be launched from Earth. Prototypes are currently being worked on, with future tests to be carried out in orbit.


Dubai plans for future-themed museum

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Dubai officials have announced the planned construction of a brand-new museum in the popular coastal city, titled the “Museum of the Future”! The museum, which is scheduled to be open to the public in 2017, will function as both an exhibit space for prototypes and technology, as well as its own design and technological facility for creating innovative new tech. A video was released alongside the announcement, showing off the ring-like design of the building, as well as potential exhibits and locales for visitors and employees alike. While still only in the planning stages, you can check out an in-depth look at the potential behind this new museum in the video below, and wait patiently for its real-life opening in a couple years’ time.


Flying car takes to the skies

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Auto company AeroMobil has been working on prototypes for flying cars since the 1990s, with advances in technology and new prototypes bringing their dream vehicle closer and closer to reality. Now, the company has unveiled their latest prototype, the AeroMobil 3.0, which is finally ready to take to the skies! The vehicle debuted on October 29th at the 2014 Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, and has taken several test drives and flights, as seen in the video below.

This newest prototype was built in 10 months, using high quality composite materials in this chassis, and includes avionics equipment, parachute deployment systems, autopilot, and more. The car itself features retractable wings and two seats for a passenger, and is capable of reaching 100 mph on the road, as well as 124 mph in the air. With the AeroMobil 3.0, the designers hope to gain certification for use on European roads and airspace, and will continue fine-tuning specifications to make the vehicle ready for retail in the near future. Flying cars have been a fantasy for people across the world since the invention of the car and the plane, and now we’re closer than ever to see that dream become a reality!