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MIT unveils revolutionary 10-material 3D printer

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In a first for the still-growing world of 3D printing, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have unveiled their newest 3D printer, capable of printing with 10 separate materials at once! The new MultiFab printer takes advantage of a new photopolymer mixing system and fine printheads in order to accomplish this feat, giving the printer a huge range of versatility and possibilities that did not exist previously in modern 3D printers. The printer is also able to 3D-scan objects and then print around them, enabling the printer to quickly and accurate create solid cases and designs around pre-existing objects! On top of that, the printer is extremely affordable, coming in at only $7,000 as opposed to the $250,000 asking price for similar multi-material industrial printers. MIT scientists hope that their new printer will one day lead to an easy-to-use, practical solution for customers who wish to create complex 3D-printed designs at reasonable prices. Until then, check out the video below to see the MultiFab in action!


MakerBot announces new materials for 3D printers

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The MakerBot booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show has been a popular attraction since the company unveiled its home-use retail 3D printers. At this year’s CES booth, MakerBot has taken its 3D printers to the next level by announcing a new range of PLA composite filaments for its range of Replicator printers! These new filaments feature composites previously unavailable to the 3D-printing public outside of highly specialized printers, including wood, iron, bronze, and even limestone! With these composite filaments, MakerBot printers are now able to create prints in these new materials, which can be tailored to fit any need. The materials retain all the properties of their base composite, allowing users to stain, polish, sand, and oil their wood-based objects, or even magnetize metal-based prints. These new filaments will be made available for purchase in late 2015, and will surely lead to a whole new set of possibilities from 3D printers.






Zero-G 3D printer launched into space

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California-based company Made In Space can now lay claim to the title of first off-world manufacturer as its brand-new zero-gravity 3D printer has taken off for the International Space Station! Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Made in Space 3D Printer uses standard ABS plastic and additive printing used in most modern 3D printers, but uses new technology that will allow the printer to create objects without the use of gravity, which other modern 3D printers require in order to operate. The printer is part of a plan to install a 3D printer on the ISS that can manufacture replacement components and new parts on-demand, removing the need for costly spacecraft to continuously launch supplies to the station.


While Made in Space has not yet revealed what technology allows their prototype printer to create objects in zero-gravity, a second model of their printer will be sent into space in 2015, and will be developed as an open platform for other companies. The printer, which can currently only print with standard ABS plastic, may also be upgraded in the coming years to print with other materials, like metals and aluminum. The Made in Space 3D printer is scheduled to create its first in-space gadgets and miniatures in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!