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Attack on Titan second season announced

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After a busy weekend at Anime Expo 2016, anime fans across the world have gotten even more good news in the announcement of a second season of the widely popular “Attack on Titan” anime! The announcement was released by the show’s producers over the weekend, along with the second season’s promotional poster showing protagonists Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi facing off against the titans. The second season will continue where the first anime left off, following the story of the ongoing manga. The new show will air in 2017, and more details will be revealed as the show draws closer to its release date, so fans can get excited for another season of suspense and titan-fighting action next year!


“Cubes” turns food into isometric art

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Design studio Lernert & Sander have taken food to the next level with their photo project titled “Cubes”. The project was commissioned by Dutch newspaper “de Volkskrant” in 2014 for a food-themed documentary, and Lernert & Sander stepped up to plate with a giant print of 98 different food cubes. Each identical 1″ cube is cut from a different food product, and the materials range from vegetables, fruits, meat, and even mushrooms! All of the food was freshly cut before their photo session, keeping the products looking clean and tasty. The food was cut using a unique slicer over the course of the five-day photo shoot session, and come together into one isometric presentation. Lernert & Sander are currently selling prints of the finished piece through their website, so fans of the clean design aesthetic and delicious food can have one of their very own!



Jurassic World exclusive posters at SDCC

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Jurassic Park, the popular 1990s science-fiction adventure film series based on the novel by Michael Crichton, has been gearing up for a revival with the new upcoming movie, Jurassic World. The fourth movie in the series, Jurassic World is scheduled to release in theaters on June 12th, 2015, and Universal Studios is celebrating the upcoming release in a big way at SDCC with the release of the first official Jurassic World poster!

The poster shows off an iconic scene from the original movie, 22 years after the events of the film, and showcases the construction of the new Jurassic World park on Isla Nublar, as well as our first look at the new design for the iconic deinonychus, often mistaken for a velociraptor. The poster, drawn by artist Mark Englert, will be available in short supply at SDCC this weekend, giving visitors a chance to take home some exclusive artwork.