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Yokai Watch hits smartphones with new titles

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After LEVEL-5 recently announced that the original Yokai Watch video game will be made available on smartphones and tablets, more good news for Yokai Watch fans has surfaced in the form of two new games for Android and iOS! The first, “Yokai Watch: Daijiten”, will be a quiz-type video game geared towards Yokai Watch masters, and will test your knowledge on the franchise’s wide variety of characters along with various other subjects like spelling and other general knowledge. The second game, “Yokai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm”, will be the series’ very first rhythm game! Featuring simple controls in which users will tap along to the beat, Gerapo Rhythm will feature all your favorite Yokai Watch characters, along with a number of songs that were featured in both the video game series as well as the anime. Yokai Watch: Daijiten will debut in Japan this November, and Yokai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm will release in March 2017. Check out the video below to see the two new games in action!


Pokémon Go phone game coming in July

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After several months of field tests and teasers, the Pokémon Go phone game will finally be released this July! The new game, which is specifically designed for use with iOS and Android products, strives to bring the world of Pokémon to life by letting users go out and catch Pokemon in real life! Using your phone as an AR device, you can go out and find wild Pokémon in the real world, capturing them and training them as your very own. You will also be able to create Pokémon “gyms” by joining a group of other Pokémon Go users and battling your team against theirs. Alongside the July release date, Nintendo has announced that a separate wristband add-on will be available for $35, which will allow Pokémon Go users to catch wild Pokémon without having to use their phones! Nintendo has also said that they are planning more phone-based games in the future, including Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles.


Google unveils modular smartphone prototype

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Multimedia company Google has been delving into developing its own unique gadgets and accessories over the past few years, ranging from Google Glass to Android phones and accessories. One of their projects, codenamed Project Ara, has been in development since 2012, and has finally been unveiled for the consumer market! Known in the official announcement video as simply Ara, the new Google phone shows off its capabilities as a modular designer smartphone.

The device itself features a framed format with several slots of various sizes, allowing for a fully customizable experience. In the video, Google shows off the possibilities of the modular design, showing off a number of gadgets, tools, and features that can be implemented into the phone by simply switching out the pieces. The Ara can even replace broken pieces through its modular system with ease, likely reducing repair costs and leading to a more streamlined experience. The Ara is currently scheduled to release in Puerto Rico as a test run in late 2015, with worldwide releases coming soon afterwards. In the meantime, Google has announced a media event for Project Ara on January 21st, which will have more details about the phone’s abilities and future releases.