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NASA launching world’s biggest telescope in 2018

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With Earth Day just passing us by, NASA plans to look beyond the confines of our planet with plans to launch the world’s largest telescope! This new telescope, named the James Webb Space Telescope, will be 100 times more powerful than the current Hubble Space Telescope, which has already given us astounding images of galaxies and cosmic objects up to 12 billion light-years away. With the groundbreaking power of the new telescope, scientists at NASA hope to be able to see the first galaxies of the universe, and hope to study how the universe was created. On top of that, the James Webb telescope will have the power to study distant planets, allowing researchers to understand the composition of their atmospheres, surfaces, and more! To be able to accomplish these feats, the James Webb will incorporate a 21-foot long mirror, which will have 70 times the light-gathering capacity of the Hubble telescope. When launched, the James Webb telescope will be placed around 930,000 miles away from the earth, which will keep it from being overheated and blinded from the Sun’s infrared rays. With the telescope set to launch in October 2018, soon humanity will have a new means of viewing and researching the universe around us!


Spider-like robots to help space construction

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NASA-affiliated robotics company Tethers Unlimited has unveiled its first design for its robot prototypes designed for use in space! The robots, part of the tentatively titled SpiderFab project, feature multiple arms and a unique spinneret-like 3D printer to create a web of building material in space. These robots are designed to provide an alternative means of putting together important constructions in space, like antennas, solar arrays, replacement parts for telescopes and spacecraft, and even livable infrastructure!


Tethers Unlimited hopes for these robots to not only alleviate the resources used to currently blast building material into space using expensive and hazardous rockets, but also to use the robots to create larger and more complex structures in space than could ever be launched from Earth. Prototypes are currently being worked on, with future tests to be carried out in orbit.