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Robot cheerleaders show off new communication tech

2014 at 01:05 pm by admin | Comments Off


Japanese robotics lab and company Murata has uploaded a video showing off their new innovations and technology in a fun way: through the use of miniature robotic cheerleaders! These 6″ tall cheerleaders, based off of Murata’s previous works with vehicle robots like the Murata Girl unicycle bot, ride atop of a specially designed ball that allows the robot to perform precise movements and turns. While adorable, the Murata cheerleaders’ dance is also meant to educate as well as entertain. The video shows off new developments in Murata’s robots, including the use of ultrasound microphones and infrared sensors, which is shared to the other cheerleaders through a Wi-Fi connection. This allows each cheerleader to not only know her own position, but the position of all the other members of the group in real time. This technology is used in the video to maintain the squad’s formation as they dance and light up, but Murata says this new tech can be implemented in the real world, such as in groups of rescue team robots and in disaster-hit areas, as well as in everyday tech like glasses, watches, and even cars.