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Jakks Pacific announces retro Nintendo plush

2015 at 11:23 am by admin | Comments Off


Toy manufacturing and distributing company Jakks Pacific has been pleasing video game fans of all ages with its World of Nintendo line of figures since early 2014. Featuring classic Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and more, Jakks will now delve into retro gaming territory with the newly announced line of World of Nintendo plushes! These plushes will feature iconic Nintendo characters in classic 8-bit pixel style, and will debut with plush representations of Mario, Luigi, and Link in sprite form. The plushes are currently available for pre-order now, with a scheduled release date of July 2015. Any fan of classic Nintendo won’t want to miss out on these unique and adorable plush figures!


Life-size Mario Kart release by Jakks Pacific

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In anticipation of the upcoming Mario Kart 8 video game for the Nintendo WiiU, toy company Jakks Pacific has entered a partnership with Nintendo to release the first ever life-size Mario Kart! The 6V ride-on kart, titled the Super Mario Kart Ride-On, will be able to fit any child and undoubtedly some adults, and feature a variety of sound effects from the popular Mario Kart franchise. The kart will even be able to switch between on-road or off-road tires, allowing for play in all sorts of environments. This will be the first time Nintendo has ever produced a retail version of their infamous kart, which will be made available in autumn / winter of 2014. Retailing for $199.99, this cool Mario vehicle will surely be a sought after item by children and collectors alike!