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FriendsWithYou premieres Light Cave installation

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Art group FriendsWithYou, created by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III in 2002, have unveiled their latest art installation in New York! Titled “Light Cave”, this installation is on display at The Standard High Line Plaza in New York City for the duration of September, and is the largest stand-alone sculpture created by FriendsWithYou to date. The 55′ long inflatable piece invites viewers and commuters to walk through and experience the piece from within.


The Light Cave glows with multi-colored lights and pulses, and even ripples in the air thanks to its inflatable nature, transforming the piece into an interactive sensory experience. This collaboration between FriendsWithYou and The Standard has met with positive reaction from fans and passerby alike, whom have become immersed and mesmerized in the Light Cave’s unique minimalist aesthetics. Check out the video below to see the Light Cave for yourself!


Florentijn Hofman unveils new art at London

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Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck recently departed from Los Angeles docks after a popular series of events following the Tall Ships Festival, but the Dutch artist shows no signs of slowing down as he has unveiled a brand-new inflatable art piece at London’s famous River Thames! Titled the HippopoThames, the new sculpture is over 68 feet long, and was created to commemorate the Totally Thames Festival which will take place at locations through the River Thames for the rest of September.


Hofman’s HippopoThames is based on prehistoric hippos that used to inhabit the River Thames, and is scheduled to be displayed at the Nine Elms distcit in London until its departure on September 28th. Although there have been no announced plans on if the HippopoThames will visit other locations along the river or even worldwide, Hofman will surely be debuting more art pieces across the world in the neat future.