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Hello Kitty Con opens to excited crowds

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The moment awaited by Hello Kitty fans across the world has finally arrived: the first official Hello Kitty Con has opened its doors! Located at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles, California, the con has been widely anticipated since its announcement earlier this year, and anticipates over 25,000 visitors from all over the world during the weekend-long event! The Con opened its doors late Wednesday night to select VIP visitors, and has since opened its doors to all visitors. The Hello Kitty Con stands as a tribute to Hello Kitty, who is celebrating her 40th anniversary this year, and includes a number of exhibits, attractions, merchandise, and activities to help celebrate the occasion.


Some attractions at the con include giant replicas of classic Hello Kitty merchandise, including her original 1974 vinyl coin purse, as well as miniature kitchens, teacups, and other photo op attractions around the show floor. There are also exhibits located within the Con which tailor to specific types of Hello Kitty merchandise from the past 40 years, ranging from fashion to food to collectibles. A variety of exclusive, limited edition collectibles are also available at the event, ranging from figures, apparel, jewelry, make-up, and more.


The Con will also be host to Hello Kitty-themed entertainment as well as merchandise! Attendees can visit the an interactive arcade, where a number of Hello Kitty carnival games await, as well as photo booths and gift corners. The Con will also host a sneak peek at Sanrio’s latest Hello Kitty stage show, titled “Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival”, which will hit stages worldwide in 2015. A number of panels and talks will also be held throughout the show, including talks from Hello Kitty museum curator Dr. Christine Yano, as well as talks hosted by fans and other authorities on everything Hello Kitty. There will even be tattoo parlors stationed around the convention for dedicated adult fans to get inked up with some iconic Hello Kitty graphics!


The Hello Kitty Con comes as the new Hello Kitty museum exhibit, “Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty”, opened earlier this month in Los Angeles, and is part of a city-wide celebration of the character. Including restaurant promotions, hotel decorations, and more, Los Angeles is definitely the place to be for any die-hard Hello Kitty fan this weekend! But don’t fret if you can’t make it; the Hello Kitty Con is planned to travel across the nation and worldwide over the next three to five years, so keep your eyes open for more news!


Hello Kitty museum opens in Los Angeles

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Hello Kitty has had a huge year so far, with a huge number of events, merchandise, and the upcoming Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles to celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary. In order to celebrate the history of the character alongside the upcoming Hello Kitty Con, the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles recently opened its doors to a brand-new exhibit for the iconic kitty character, titled “Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty”! The exhibit, which opened on October 11th, is the first large-scale museum exhibition of its kind in the United States, and is dedicated to the history behind Hello Kitty as well as its merchandise and artwork.


The exhibit features a number of classic Hello Kitty merchandise from the past decades, including the very first piece of Hello Kitty memorabilia ever created: a 1975 vinyl coin purse, emblazoned with the mascot’s face. Alongside items like stationery, apparel, and purses, Hello Kitty eventually exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, spawning video games, television shows, and collaborations with artists and big-name companies across the globe. The exhibit pays tribute to all aspects of Hello Kitty’s past, and features merchandise, paintings, sculpture, apparel, and more.


The exhibit will remain open to visitors until April 26, 2015, and will be open alongside the upcoming Hello Kitty Con at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which opens from October 30th to November 2nd. Along with this, a variety of restaurants across the downtown Los Angeles area are currently participating in a “Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt” event, in which fans can visit and purchase Hello Kitty-themed meals and restaurant items, and receive exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise alongside the courses. With the upcoming Hello Kitty Con already nearly sold out, and expecting to draw over 25,000 visitors, Los Angeles will soon become the place to be for Hello Kitty fans across the nation!






LA to host first Hello Kitty Museum

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With the first-ever Hello Kitty Con coming to Los Angeles, California on October 30th, Los Angeles is getting ready to celebrate the icon’s 40th anniversary in a big way with the opening of the first ever Hello Kitty museum exhibition in the United States! The exhibit will be titled ‘Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty’, and will he hosted by the Japanese American Nation Museum starting on October 11th. The exhibit will cover the 40-year history of Hello Kitty, featuring original merchandise and modern artwork with the famous character. The exhibit will also be the host for a number of events like workshops and panels, letting fans get to know Hello Kitty even better. The exhibit will be open until April 26th, 2015, and is set to coincide with this fall’s Hello Kitty Con at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles, making the city a must-stop location for Hello Kitty fans everywhere!


Hello Kitty collabs with Rurouni Kenshin

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The final live-action movie of the Rurouni Kenshin series, titled “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends”, recently debuted in Japanese theaters on Septenber 13th, and Sanrio has announced a collaborative effort with the illustrious manga franchise in order to promote the movie! Featured in this new collaboration are two versions of Hello Kitty, dressed up as series protagonist Himura Kenshin and main antasonist Shishio Makoto, both of whom are featured in the newest movie. Special goods featuring these two new designs were available for sale at the debut of “The Legend Ends”, including plush figures and keychains, as well as notebooks featuring exclusive artwork commemorating the event.


Rurouni Kenshin was a manga series that ran from 1994 to 1999, and was set in feudal Japan. The manga tells the story of Himura Kenshin, who was a former assassin turned wanderer and protector, and his exploits in the early Meiji period of Japan. Originally meant to be a more serious manga compared to other series airing at the time of its release, Rurouni Kenshin became a success, both in Japan as well as internationally. The series has since spawned a variety of movies, light novels, and video games, most recently with the live-action movie trilogy that debuted in Japan in early 2013.


Sanrio launches HELLO KITTY MEN project

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Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary has been targeting fans all around the world, with a variety of new events and releases throughout the world. Sanrio’s next step takes aim at often-overlooked adult male Hello Kitty fans with their new HELLO KITTY MEN project! This new project includes the conception of a brand-new male-focused brand of merchandise, and hopes to tackle the notion that Hello Kitty is a franchise solely for female fans.


The first step in the new HELLO KITTY MEN project is a collaboration event with Japanese department store Hankyu Men’s Tokyo, which opened its doors earlier today, and will feature unique t-shirt designs as well as a featuring a panel hosted by Yuko Yamaguchi, known as the designer of Hello Kitty! This event will stay at the Hankyu Men’s Tokyo location unil September 16th, with more HELLO KITTY MEN projects planned for the future.


Hello Kitty jet takes flight this fall

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In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, Sanrio has teamed up with Taiwanese airline company EVA Air in order to take Hello Kitty and friends to the skies with the Sanrio-themed “Hand-in-Hand” jet! This jet is a Boeing 777-300ER plane, and will begin operations on October 29th, 2014. The plane, which depicts Hello Kitty and a number of other Sanrio characters like My Melody, Badtz-maru, Keroppi, and more, originally made its debut last September.


The “Hand-in-Hand” jet will fly round trips between Taipei, Taiwan and Paris, France following its October launch. On top of that, the jet will be returning to the skies with its staple of unique Hello Kitty themed merchandise, including themed menus, seats, signage, cutlery, and even Sanrio-styled lunch items! The jet will join with EVA Air’s other Sanrio-themed planes currently in circulation, and will continue flying for the foreseeable future.


Hello Kitty sends messages from space

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In another innovative celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, Sanrio has worked together with the Japanese government in order to get Hello Kitty into space! In a movement to promote Japan’s high-tech industry as well as a means to celebrate the iconic character’s landmark anniversary, a 1.5″ Hello Kitty figurine was placed aboard the miniature satellite Hodoyoshi-3 and launched into space.

While on-board the miniature satellite, Hello Kitty sports a digital message board, where fans can send in their own personalized messages to Sanrio, who will then display the message to a live camera feed. Sanrio is currently accepting messages up to 180 words long in both English and Japanese, allowing fans from all over the world to show off their messages with the adorable mascot.

While the first round of applications ended earlier today, asking for general salutations and greetings from space, a new question theme has been opened up and will remain open until September 8th. In this round, Sanrio is asking to fans to tell them what they would do if they went into space, so feel free to enter a message to the official campaign website here!


Hello Kitty signing and more at SDCC

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This year’s SDCC coming to a close on June 27th this past Sunday, showing off some of the most exciting news and featuring some amazing attractions and exhibits for visiting fans to take part in. Not one to slouch, especially on her 40th anniversary, Hello Kitty brought a number of unprecedented exclusive events to the convention, making it a weekend to remember for Sanrio fans everywhere!


The biggest headline for Hello Kitty this year was the exclusive signing event at Sanrio’s Booth #4539 on the show floor, where fans could come face-to-face with Yuko Yamaguchi, the original Hello Kitty creator and head designer at Sanrio! Flying in all the way from Tokyo, Yuko was on the show floor for the entire weekend, greeting fans, taking photos, and signing limited edition art posters available at the booth. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Hello Kitty fans to meet the creator in person!


Other popular Hello Kitty items at the event were Tamashii Nation’s display case of the recently released 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty Chogokin figure, as well as the brand new SDCC-exclusive Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary minifigures and trading cards by Upper Deck. These exclusives, along with a number of other Hello Kitty collectibles and props, were available throughout the show floor to help celebrate Hello Kitty’s landmark anniversary.


Now that SDCC has finally come to an end, we’ve got a huge amount of photos and coverage to show off, so stay tuned!


Hello Kitty celebrates anniversary at SDCC

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Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary is well underway this year, with a wide variety of events, exclusive releases, and even a new theme park in the United Kingdom. This weekend, Hello Kitty has brought the celebrations to this year’s San Diego Comic Con in a big way. A number of SDCC exclusives were released in commemoration of the event, and off-site activities and events were opened up alongside SDCC.

Within the convention center itself, Sanrio-themed exclusives will be available at several booths, and Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi will even be present throughout the event to sign autographs and greet fans! Some exclusives available at the event include Toynami’s Chun-Li themed Hello Kitty vinyl toy bank, Upper Deck’s SDCC-exclusive Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Mini-Figures and Trading Cards, and more. Tamashii-Nation’s Chogokin Hello Kitty robot figure, released this past June, has also made an appearance at the event, showing off its various alternate modes and articulation.


On top of that, VIZ Media has released an SDCC-exclusive early print of their upcoming “Hello Kitty, Hello 40″ tribute book at the event! This new book serves as a celebration of Hello Kitty as a character as well as a cultural icon, and features work done by comic artists, muralists, toy creators, authors, and fans from all over the world! This book, which is set to release in bookstores in October, is making an early debut at this year’s SDCC with an exclusive cover. Limited to only 250 copies, this book is a must-have for any Sanrio fan!


Sanrio has also opened up an offsite exhibit at the Interactive Zone in Petco Park, which is less than a mile from the San Diego Convention Center, where fans can meet Hello Kitty and take photo ops with the character. A number of events and activities will be available at the Interactive Zone as well, including free temporary tattoos and nail art from official Sanrio Tokyo artists. Hello Kitty still has a long way to go before her 40th anniversary is over, with more events like October’s Hello Kitty Con in the near future, so make sure to stay tuned for more news!


Toynami exclusives at SDCC 2014

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San Diego Comic-Con, one of the world’s largest conventions for toys, animation, movies, comics, and more, is getting ready to start up its annual exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center on July 24th, and toy companies from all over the world will be featuring exclusive merchandise only available at the 3-day long event. Toynami, an American-based toy company that has been creating specialty and licensed collectibles since 2000, has revealed three of their own exclusive toys for the event, and each one is worth keeping an eye out for!

The first of Toynami’s releases is one of their most anticipated; the exclusive Glorious Golden Talking Bender figure is back! Originally released as a Toynami SDCC exlcusive back in 2006, the gilded robot has returned to celebrate the final episode of the Futurama cartoon series this past September. Standing at 9″ tall, Bender comes with three sets of swappable face plates, emulating a number of Bender’s iconic faces and emotions, and even features an opening chest cavity. On top of that, Bender features over 12 phrases voiced by John DiMaggio, whom lent his voice to the robot in the cartoon series! This piece, which will retail at $40 at the event, is limited to 1000 pieces.

Next up is a collaboration with Sanrio and videogame company Capcom with the release of the Chun-Li Hello Kitty coin bank! With Hello Kitty celebrating her 40th anniversary this year, Toynami has paid homage to the character with this release, available exclusively at SDCC 2014. Standing at 8″ tall, this vinyl coin bank features the iconic kitten character, dressed as Street Fighter’s iconic character, Chun-Li, and features unique decals and sculpting in order to emulate her intricate costume. This coin bank will be released in a limited quantity of 1000, and will retail for $40 on the show floor.

Finally, Toynami has announced the release of a brand-new exclusive Skeleanimals design for this year’s SDCC: The “Cute-As-Hell” Diego! This limited-edition fan-favorite design will measure in at 10″ tall, and come in a brand new velvet-red design. Limited to 1000 pieces, this exclusive release will retail for $20 at the show.

With so many cool releases and exclusives announced for this year’s Comic-Con, make sure to stay tuned for news on releases, news, and more!

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