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Gundam Build Fighters Try announced

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Hot off the heels of the widely popular Gundam Build Fighters animated series that aired last year, Bandai has announced a sequel in the form of the new series, Gundam Build Fighters Try! Revealed at the Bandai Hobby Division Press Conference on Wednesday night, the new series is scheduled to begin October 2014, and will feature a variety of new designs and customized units from across several Gundam franchises. Set in a world where battles and tournaments are held with devices that bring Gunpla model kits to life, Build Fighters Try is set seven years after the finale of the first Build Fighters series, and will star a new cast of characters and Gunpla.


The story will follow middle school student and martial arts master Sekai Kamiki as he discovers Gunpla battling and learns how enjoyable and deep it is. Using the new Build Burning Gundam, Sekai is joined by gifted Gunpla builder Yuuma Kousaka and his Lightning Gundam, along with Gunpla club leader Fumina Hoshino and her SD Winning Gundam. The trio set out to work together and enter the All-Japan Gunpla Battle Championship, where players must enter in teams of three, as Team “Try Fighters”!

Along with the announcements on plot details and character designs, Bandai released our first looks at the new protagonist Gundams at the convention, as well as other upcoming Gunpla in the show such as the Powered GM Guardian! With the Build Burning, Lightning, Winning, and Guardian appearing at the event in their Gunpla forms, release dates were announced for these upcoming model kits. Build Burning will the first release in October, followed by Lightning in November and Winning in December.

Stay tuned for more news on this series as we draw closer to its October release date, as well as other cool Gundam and anime news!