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Pokedrone to work alongside Pokemon Go

2016 at 08:35 pm by admin | Comments Off


Users of the recently released Pokémon Go app are trying to find every way they can to catch ‘em all, and tech company TRNDlabs are helping out with their newly announced Pokédrone! The Pokédrone will consist of a miniature remote-control quadcopter, and controller that will attach to the phones of Pokémon Go users. The phone will connect via WiFi to the Pokédrone, and use the drone’s on-board camera and GPS system to take to the skies to find Pokémon remotely! The drone will help users look for and find Pokémon that are in hard-to-reach places, such as over water, near cliffs, and other hazardous locations where it would be unsafe to be using the program. The drone will also feature an auto take-off & landing feature, allowing users to easily land and retrieve their Pokédrone after use! While no release date or price point has been stated, TRNDlabs has unveiled a first look trailer at the Pokédrone, which you can check out below!


Sphero announces new SPRK+ robot

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Many have heard and experienced Sphero’s first robotic toy, SPRK, after its initial release last year, such as its use in the hugely popular BB8 remote control toy. Now, Sphero has announced the updated version of the SPRK, titled the SPRK+! The new release of the robot sports a new, scratch-and-water-resistant casing that is capable of taking more punishment than the original, as well as an upgraded Bluetooth connection that allows it to be paired with multiple devices at once. With the new SPRK+, Sphero hopes that the new robot will be useful in helping teach children about coding by allowing them to issue drag-and-drop commands to the robot, as well just generally be a joy to play and explore with. The applications for the new SPRK+ are wide and varied, leaving it up to the user’s imagination as to what they want their new little robot companion to do! The SPRK+ is currently priced at $129, and is sure to being hours of learning and fun to classrooms and homes across the world!


Google unveils modular smartphone prototype

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Multimedia company Google has been delving into developing its own unique gadgets and accessories over the past few years, ranging from Google Glass to Android phones and accessories. One of their projects, codenamed Project Ara, has been in development since 2012, and has finally been unveiled for the consumer market! Known in the official announcement video as simply Ara, the new Google phone shows off its capabilities as a modular designer smartphone.

The device itself features a framed format with several slots of various sizes, allowing for a fully customizable experience. In the video, Google shows off the possibilities of the modular design, showing off a number of gadgets, tools, and features that can be implemented into the phone by simply switching out the pieces. The Ara can even replace broken pieces through its modular system with ease, likely reducing repair costs and leading to a more streamlined experience. The Ara is currently scheduled to release in Puerto Rico as a test run in late 2015, with worldwide releases coming soon afterwards. In the meantime, Google has announced a media event for Project Ara on January 21st, which will have more details about the phone’s abilities and future releases.