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ICEBERGS cools visitors at Washington DC

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Visitors to the Washington DC National Building Museum can now take a load off at the new ICEBERGS installation, which opened earlier this July. Designed by James Corner Field Operations as a part of the museum’s Summer Block Party event, the entire exhibit was created with pre-made elements and recyclable materials, transforming a 12,540-square-foot plaza into a simulated underwater playground. The exhibit features large triangular formations made to look like the underside of floating icebergs, and features bean bag cushions, cavernous rooms, and even interactive slides for visitors to relax and have fun at. The exhibit will remain open until September 5th, giving visitors the rest of the summer to visit the new exhibit. Check out the video below to see ICEBERGS in construction!


Inflated Eiffel Tower appears in Paris

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As part of a collaborative event between magazine publication TOILETPAPER, furniture manufacturer Gufram, and design company Seletti, a giant inflatable recreation of the Eiffel Tower has appeared in Paris’ Galeries Lafayette! The giant installation piece, which towers over the main lobby of the gallery, is the main attraction of the exhibition, and includes two giant golden eggs alongside the tower. The gallery also consists of a number of images and installations displayed around the Boulevard Haussman, featuring a number of paintings and unconventional furniture pieces and accessories that were created as part of the collaboration. The gallery is poised to transport viewers into a surreal world of visual and art, as famous icons are juxtaposed into unusual or unfitting scenarios.



Artist transforms abandoned building into art

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Artist Katharina Grosse has taken it upon herself over the weekend to turn a condemned building on the New York beach into a work of art. Titled “Rockaway!”, Grosse has encompassed an abandoned aquatics building at Fort Tilden, which had been deemed structurally unsafe and was scheduled for demolition, with her signature style of spray paint art. The result is the transformation of the space from an eyesore into a vibrant playground of color, which expands from within the building itself to the sidewalk and environment around it. This is not Grosse’s first work with condemned structures, as the artist formerly created similar artwork out of buildings deserted after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans in 2008. As for “Rockaway!”, the piece is scheduled to remain until November 30th, 2016, after which demolition of the abandoned building will go underway.



Ghibli exhibit to host exclusive menu

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The brand new upcoming Studio Ghibli exhibit, titled “The Great Ghibli Exhibition~From Nausicaä to Red Turtle~”, has announced a brand-new exclusive menu to go alongside the exhibit! The exhibit will open on July 7th in Tokyo, and will begin serving these unique foods at the Museum Café THE SUN in the exhibition. The menu offers a wide variety of options, each of them themed after Studio Ghibli characters from the company’s years of animated films. Some of the food options include a Soot Sprite black hamburger, Totoro matcha shaved ice dessert, a Nausicaä-themed parfait, and even the sunny-side-up egg on toast from Castle in the Sky! The exhibit will also feature a wide variety of Ghibli memorabilia and souvenirs on top of these delicious treats, making this exhibit a must-see for any Ghibli fan!



University hosts open house with 3D installation

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All images © Felix Raspall and Carlos Bañón

At the Singapore University of Technology and Design, professors Felix Raspall and Carlos Bañón have decided to liven up the campus’ open house event with a large 3D-printed art installation! The piece was erected with the help of a student team, and spans 41 feet across the interior of the campus center. The installation is comprised of 91 unique 3D-printed nodes and 369 10mm aluminum bars, and was created to explore the mechanical properties of 3D printed parts, as well as show off the program’s contents to prospective students. The piece is also accentuated by several long platforms, which feature work and projects from the student body. The piece is able to be walked through and experienced up close, allowing for a cool interactive way of presenting the college’s contents to visitors and returning students alike.



Venice Bienalle explores art in architecture

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All images © Designboom

The Venice Architecture Bienalle has returned for its 15th installment this year in Venice, France! Held every other year, this joint collaboration between architectural artists from all over the world, this exhibition event strives to showcase the world of architecture in a new light by using the functional art form to tackle modern problems in an elegant and intuitive fashion. This year’s focus was on the front lines of architecture, and features artists from countries like France, the United States, China, Brazil, Australia, Denmark, and more! The exhibition opened its doors on May 28th for visitors to check out, displaying a wide variety of exhibits, art pieces, and installations. The exhibit will remain open until November 27th, giving visitors plenty of time to check out the wide variety of art displayed at the event.






Vivid art exhibit lights up Sydney streets

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The annual Vivid festival has just returned to the streets of Sydney, Australia, bringing a wide variety of light-based art pieces, exhibits, and festivities to the Australian capital! Over 150 artists have contributed to this year’s showing, displaying over 90 art installations across the city, and have incorporated local buildings and landmarks like the Sydney Opera House into their works. This year’s Vivid exhibit introduces several new themes to the annual celebration, including an animal-themed art exhibit at the Taronga Zoo as well as showings at the Royal Botanical Gardens and The Galleries. The festivities will also feature concerts and showings by both local and international musicians alongside the beautiful light displays. This year’s awesome Vivid Sydney showing has only just begun, and will continue until the event winds down on June 18, so keep your eyes open for more news from this awesome festival!



Art of Food examines Minnesota’s role in food design

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Visitors to the Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport this year will be in for a treat, thanks to the opening of “The Art of Food: A History of Minnesota Food Production.” The exhibit, which opened on April 15th, examines Minnesota’s influence on the food industry around the world. The exhibit includes a variety of brand that have originated from Minnesota over the past 100 years, and includes world-famous, Minnesota-based brands like General Mills, Land O Lakes, Summit Brewing Company and more. Alongside this collection of food memorabilia and information, the exhibit hosts a number of vintage commercials, covering decades of food advertising, stirring nostalgic childhood memories for visitors of all ages. The exhibit will remain open at the MSP until November 15th, 2016, giving tourists and locals alike plenty of time to check it out for themselves!







The Elumenati + Children’s Museum of Manhattan

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Our friends at The Elumenati have been doing some seriously amazing work (as usual)!

Recently, the immersive projection design group developed a new GeoDome Panorama installation in partnership with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan as part of their “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far” exhibition. The Elumenati-designed geodome offers “3D exploration of mosque architecture from the Maldives to China,” prompting visitors to access a touchscreen interface to zoom in and experience the details in vivid color via panoramic images of each mosque’s interior and exterior.

Andrew Ackerman, Executive Director of the CMOM says “When the Children’s Museum of Manhattan began work on our exhibition six years ago, it was our dream to be able transport visitors around the world. With the help of the Elumenati’s amazing GeoDome Panorama and WorldViewer, that dream became a reality.”

As far as the technical details are concerned, The Elumenati’s blog nerdsplains, “This immersive installation uses a 4m semi-permanent Panorama and an OmniFocus 30210 projection system – 1920×1200 at 6,000 lumens, with a folded lens. We provided the image generating computer, WorldViewer, and content consulting services to help the museum build their own content and touchscreen GUI – which they’ll be able to easily refresh with new content, using WorldComposer’s simple user interface.”

Check out this amazing video of the Geodome Panorama at work, and if you happen to be in Manhattan, stop into the CMOM to see it with your own eyes.

Learn more about The Elumenati and their projects by visiting their website,


Yayoi Kusama’s mind-bending exhibit in Denmark

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Popular Japanese modern pop artist Yayoi Kusama has just unveiled a brand-new exhibit of her famous dot-style artwork in Denmark! Located at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, her new exhibit, titled “In Infinity”, is her first comprehensive exhibit in the region, and coats the many walls of her show floor with a vast array of polka dots and mirrored installations. The effect creates the illusion of an infinite space, letting the viewers immerse themselves completely in Kusama’s artwork. The exhibit also features a number of Kusama’s sculptural work, which dots a number of the exhibits around the museum. The newly opened exhibit will remain at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art until January 24th, 2016.



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