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Mishka’s Bad News Dunny at TOMODACHI

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As the Halloween season draws closer and closer, apparel company Mishka and Kidrobot have announced their newest creepy collaboration in the form of the Bad News Dunny! These figures, which debuted as exclusive pre-orders at the Mishka booth at last week’s New York Comic-Con, will now be available at TOMODACHI later this month! An entirely original sculpt, this new line of vinyl collectibles comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The larger 8″ Bad News Dunny will be available in the brown-colored Kodiak Edition, while the smaller 3″ Dunny collectibles will feature both the Kodiak Edition and a white-and-pink Polar Edition! While the 8″ Polar Edition of the figure is a Kidrobot-exclusive release, the 8″ Kodiak Edition and both of the 3″ Dunny figures will all be available at our TOMODACHI locations in the Rosedale Shopping Center and the Mall of America on October 24th, making this the perfect seasonal gift for fans and enthusiasts alike!



Dunny Art of War series release!

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Dunnys have unearthed long-lost military secrets with the brand new Art of War collectible series! This new line of 3″ tall Dunny collectibles features designs from Frank Kozik, Kano, ilovedust, Huck Gee, Devious, Colus, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal, DrilOne, Sergio Mancini, Patricio Oliver, JPK, Sam Fout, and Shok1, each covering a unique aspect of mankind’s wartime history.


This new set of cool new Dunny designs will be released on Friday, June 27th, and TOMODACHI will be carrying these vinyl figures at both our Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our brand-new Mall of America location, along with our online store! On top of that, customers who purchase an entire case of Dunny Art of War figures will not only receive a limited-edition case-exclusive Art of War figure, but will also get a $25 goodie bag filled with lots of cool merchandise! Make sure to visit us and check out these brand new Dunny collectibles, and much more!


Mayari Dunny by Otto Bjornik

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Otto Björnik, architect, artist, and storyteller, has released a brand-new Dunny release courtesy of Kidrobot, simply titled Mayari. Standing at 3″ tall, Mayari is both character and myth, coming to life with a fine line style that mimics Björnik’s intricate pen and ink drawings. Coming with her jeweled crown and regal attire, this beautiful new Dunny release is available now in her black colorway at TOMODACHI, both through out Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as on our online store! Retailing for $14.99 each, vinyl fans should definitely take home one of these little queens while they can!

Otto Björnik is as much storyteller as artist, mixing childhood memories and fairy tales within his intricately illustrated work. Originally from the Phillipines, Björnik is an architect by training who works mostly in the fine and delicate world of pen and ink, though also forays into painting and customizing, creating beautifully detailed figures with complex personalities. Working together with companies like Yahoo!, Kidrobot, and Clutter, Björnik has displayed his art all over the world, from the United States, United Kingdoms, Germany, Phillipines, Singapore, and Mongolia.

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Back in Black Skullhead by Huck Gee

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Huck Gee’s popular Skullhead Dunny design returns from the dead in a brand-new colorway! Originally released in 2011, the Skullhead Dunny is back in a brand new black-and-silver decal pattern, and sports the original’s crossbones, wings, and kanji details. This 8″ tall undead rocker will release on March 20th, and will be available at TOMODACHI’s Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our online shop! Retailing at $59.99, this is the perfect opportunity for fans who missed out on the original limited-edition run to pick up one of Huck Gee’s most iconic designs!

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Mardivale Dunny series release

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Kidrobot has announced their newest series in the popular Dunny collectible vinyl figure line: the Mardivale Dunny! This blind box set introduces 15 brand new designs by world-famous artists Andrew Bell and Scribe, featuring festive and wacky designs that embody the celebration of Mardi Gras in a whole new way! This brand new set of 3″ Dunny figures will be released on March 4th, and TOMODACHI will be stocking these cool collectibles at both our Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our online store. Make sure to celebrate this festive season with us with this new Dunny release!