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Senri Oe’s Holiday Jazz @tomodachi

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Head to Tomodachi at the Mall of America on Tuesday, Nov 28th from 4-6pm for an exclusive pop-up performance and CD signing with Japanese jazz sensation and J-Pop star, Senri Oe!

photo by Becky Yee

photo by Becky Yee

This special mini concert at Tomodachi follows on the heels of Senri’s performance at the MSP international airport, as part of their annual Holiday Performance Series. Senri Oe will provide a more intimate Holiday experience for fans at Tomodachi. Copies of his latest album will be on hand for people to buy and have signed by the artist himself.


Fun facts: Senri composed soundtrack music for Three Doraemon movies! Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Adventure in the south seas(1998), Doraemon: Nobita Drifts in the Universe(1999), Ending song for Doraemon: Nobita and legend of the Sun King(2000). Senri also composed the theme song “Dream” for Sanrio’s show in Japan.


Newest animated Doraemon movie promo

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Popular Japanese character Doraemon had a very busy year in 2014, ranging from his first ever debut in the United States to the debut of Doraemon’s critically acclaimed CGI film, “Stand By Me Doraemon”. Now, a full-length promotion for Doraemon’s newest upcoming film has been released! The newest film, titled “Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes”, will be the 46th film in the illustrious franchise, and will once again feature Nobita, Doraemon, and the rest of the crew. In the new film, Doraemon will debut his new gadget, Director Burger, which gives the cast a variety of powers so that they can roleplay as Space Heroes. The film is set to debut in Japan on March 7th, and will feature a variety of promotional material alongside its release.


“Stand By Me Doraemon” making-of video released

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Doraemon has been celebrating the release of the newest Doraemon movie, “Stand By Me Doraemon”, in a number of innovative ways, even going so far as to appear in a pre-rendered interview with famous Japanese new personality Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. Now, with the film having released in theaters throughout Japan on August 8th, the Stand By Me Doraemon channel on YouTube has uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the fan-favorite film!

This making-of video shows several of the steps taken in creating the 3D computer graphics used in the creation of the film, ranging from initial animatic to the fully rendered final product. With “Stand By Me Doraemon” selling nearly 2.5 million tickets within the first 10 days of its theatrical run, alongside the news that the movie will be distributed in 21 countries across the world, including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and more, Doraemon’s newest film appearance is sure to make an impact across the world.


Bandai reveals at SDCC

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Bandai, and its Tamashii Nations brand of collectors’ merchandise, has always been at the forefront of Japanese imports and collectibles, featuring designs from some of the most popular anime, video games, tokusatsu, and more. Their showing at this year’s SDCC did not disappoint, with a variety of new reveals along with displays of popular merchandise from the past year.


Among the new reveals were Bandai’s newest Dragonball releases, exclusive to SDCC. These included the S.H. Figuarts Vegeta figure in its original animation colors, as well as the collectible Dragon Ball & Dragon Radar pack. These two exclusives were featured alongside a number of other previous Dragonball releases, including Figuarts articulated figures and Figuarts ZERO statues. Also featured was the new upcoming series of chibi-style Dragonball statue collectibles, which have no planned release date as of yet.


Also unveiled for the first time at SDCC was the first state-side look at the new Naruto S.H. Figuarts collectibles! The two new figures in this series, Naruto and Sasuke, featured their most recent designs from the manga, and each included alternate faces, swappable hands, attack effects and more.


On top of that, Nintendo fans across the world got their very first look at the brand-new S.H. Figuarts Luigi from the Mario franchise! Posed alongside his brother Mario, who recently got his own S.H. Figuarts release, their display included brand-new playset options for the set, including a themed backdrop and an extending Piranha Plant enemy!


Godzilla, who has had a busy year with the recent Legendary film and sequel announcement, was also at the Bandai show floor, appearing in his newest 2014 look in the S.H. MonsterArts line. Releasing later this year, the figure was also accompanied by a number of other Godzilla figures, including toys of older Godzilla designs and MechaGodzilla.


Finally, to celebrate Doraemon’s upcoming United States debut this August, Bandai unveiled two brand-new toys of the show’s protagonists: S.H. Figuarts Nobita and Robot Spirits Doraemon! Both of these figured appeared for the first time at the show, with Nobita having swappable hands and faceplates, and Doraemon even coming with his Dokodemo Door tool.


Other popular display pieces at the show were the complete set of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Sailor Moon Figuarts! Both displays featured the entire cast of characters from each series, with unique display options such as the rotating disco ball on Sailor Moon’s display and the earth-like texture on the Power Rangers display. The Power Rangers play even featured the previously released Super Robot Chogokin figure of the Dino Megazord!


A number of Bandai’s other popular figures were on display as well, featuring figures from franchises like One Piece and Saint Seiya, and more. There were even display cases dedicated to popular Gundam franchises like Gundam Wing and the recent Gundam Build Fighters!


Seeing all of these amazing toys in one place is truly what makes SDCC one of the biggest and most fan-beloved conventions in the world, and we’ve still got a ton more coverage to do about the event, so keep your eyes peeled!


Doraemon Cho Gattai robot figure announced

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Following last year’s release of the Disney-themed King Robo Mickey Cho Gattai combining robot from Bandai, a brand new entry into the Cho Gattai series has been announced, based on the popular Doraemon series! This new figure, which will stand at just over 8 inches tall, is compromised of robotic interpretations of a variety of Doraemon characters, including Doremi, Korosuke, Chimpui, Gonsuke, Perman, and Doraemon himself.


Each of these six figures is made out of die cast metal, and will transform into one segment of the giant robot, creating a must-have collectible for fans of the franchise around the world! Priced at 13,800 yen, this newest Cho Gattai figure will release in November 2014.


Doraemon airs on American TV this summer

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Doraemon, one of the most iconic characters in Japanese pop culture, will at long last make his debut in the United States this summer! TV Asashi Corp announced that the 2005 Doraemon anime series will air on the Disney XD channel, making this the first time any Doraemon anime has aired on national television in the United States. With the Doraemon manga recently being localized in North America this past November thanks to AltJapan Co., Ltd., the upcoming anime series will stay faithful to the translations done by AltJapan, and plans to air the episodes five days a week. For example, Nobita will be renamed to Noby, while Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door will be renamed to the Anywhere Door, among other translations. This will be the first time American audiences will be able to see this classic icon, so keep your eyes open for further details on when the anime will begin airing!


Doraemon, originally published as a manga in December 1969, focused on the titular character, Doraemon, a robotic cat who travels back in time to have adventures with and aid his young friend, a boy named Nobita Nobi. The manga was eventually adapted into an anime in 1973, with subsequent shows airing in 1979 and 2005. Doraemon became an icon of Japanese culture around the world, and has since gained international fame, along with a variety of merchandise, video games, vehicles, and much more. To this day, Doraemon has diehard fans all over the world, even after over 40 years, and continues to bring imagination and creativity to children and adults worldwide.