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GM announces smart cars by 2017

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GM, or General Motors, has been producing automobiles and other means of transportation since the company was founded in 1908, and have announced that they plan on taking the next step in driver comfort and safety by producing “smart” cars by the year 2017! This news came at the opening ceremony of the Intelligent Transportation Society World Congress in Detroit, Michigan, and detailed current plans for implementing the new vehicle-to-vehicle technology into a number of GM’s releases in the coming years, along with showing off booths to replicate the functions of the new tech.


The first car that will carry the new communication will be the 2017 Cadillac CTS, and will then be applied to other cars across GM’s lineup, including Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles. The cars will utilize new technology that will allow these vehicles to communicate with other cars in a 300 meter radius, and will keep track of the location, speed, and direction of travel of other cars. This technology will assist in reducing traffic congestion and preventing accidents by warning drivers of upcoming dangers and other vehicles.


GM is also creating an automated driving feature for upcoming Cadillacs, titled Super Cruise, which will allow drivers to select a lane and let the vehicle take over, adjusting speed and braking on its own. The Super Cruise technology is meant for assistance in heavily congested traffic, as well as on long drives on interstate highways. Unfortunately, while GM will implement these new vehicle-to-vehicle technologies into their cars by 2017, the full effect of this revolutionary technology will not be apparent until other motor vehicle companies follow suit and equip their own cars with the tech. Until then, GM plans to continue making strides in creating auto technology to make driving for people all over the world a safer experience.

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