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Greetings from TOMODACHI! We would like to invite you to participate in our call for artists for the upcoming TOMODACHI X mt art exhibit, happening August 29th at our Mall of America location.

What is mt, you ask? mt is a brand of washi rice paper masking tape produced by Japanese company Kamoi Kakoshi. mt tape comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles, and is designed to be easily aligned and repositioned for use in crafts, interior decoration, art installation and design. Consumers and artists worldwide use the tape for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from arts and crafts projects to large-scale international art exhibitions.

TOMODACHI has hosted a variety of art events and workshops over the years, and this time we’ve collaborated with mt to host an exhibit and mt launch party this coming August. This event will focus primarily on mt’s decorative tape and its use in creating art. mt has collaborated with many designers, companies and museum throughout the world, such as MoMA in New York City, the Maison & Objet in Paris, the Ambiente in Germany, Ikea Japan, Uniqlo Paris, Issey Miyake boutique and more.

This event will be held at our Mall of America store on August 29th, and will feature creations from a select number of talented artists and designers. The theme for the show is focused on the use of mt tape in art, so accepted artists will use mt tape (provided by TOMODACHI) to design something cool in the form of 2D pieces, 3D objects, fashion or even by covering a vehicle like a moped or bicycle — we want to hear your ideas!

To apply, send us an e-mail with a link to your online portfolio or photo album with work samples AND pitch us an idea of what you’d like to make. Tape will be provided compliments of TOMODACHI and each accepted artist will receive a special gift bag from the shop as a thank you for participation.

Submission Deadline: July 31st / 5pm

To apply e-mail: