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Attack on Titan second season announced

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After a busy weekend at Anime Expo 2016, anime fans across the world have gotten even more good news in the announcement of a second season of the widely popular “Attack on Titan” anime! The announcement was released by the show’s producers over the weekend, along with the second season’s promotional poster showing protagonists Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi facing off against the titans. The second season will continue where the first anime left off, following the story of the ongoing manga. The new show will air in 2017, and more details will be revealed as the show draws closer to its release date, so fans can get excited for another season of suspense and titan-fighting action next year!


Attack on Titan live-action movie revealed

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One of the most popular manga franchises in recent years is headed to the big screen this summer! “Attack on Titan”, which is a manga created by Hajime Isayama in 2009, exploded in popularity with its anime adaptation in 2013, and will now be adapted into a pair of live-action films. The story revolves around a world where humanity struggles against giant man-eating humanoid creatures called “Titans”, and follows the story of protagonists Eren, Mikasa, and Armin in their fight for survival. The two movies, which are scheduled to release on August 1st and September 19th respectively, will take the story in a new direction not seen in the original manga and anime, and will introduce new characters and plot elements which will make the movies a fresh experience for newcomers and veterans to the franchise alike. The first teaser, shown below, also gives us our first look at the CGI-rendered Titans onscreen, remaining faithful to their drawn forms.


MapleStory & Attack on Titan crossover released in NA

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Nexon’s popular side-scrolling MMO, MapleStory, has finally released its collaborative content with the Attack on Titan franchise in North America! The content includes costumes, monsters, areas, and quests based around the manga and anime series, and allows users to use the series’ iconic omni-directional gear to explore the environment and fight enemies. Scenarios include training for the Survey Corps and defending Wall Rose against the Colossal Titan, among other quests. Victory will reward players with unique items and accessories, including gear to dress up like characters from Attack on Titan such as Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin! This content, which originally released in Japan last November, is available now on North American MapleStory servers. Give it a look and relive your favorite moments!



Attack on Titan BE@RBRICK makes 1000% debut

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Fans of the hit manga and anime series “Attack on Titan” can now look forward to a BE@RBRICK of the iconic Colossal Titan, courtesy of Medicom Toys. The 400% BE@RBRICK of the Colossal Titan, which stands at 11″ tall and released in February 2014, will receive a brand-new makeover into the giant 1000% BE@RBRICK line. The new figure will tower over the 400% version, reaching a height of over 27″! The 1000% BE@RBRICK is available for pre-order through Medicom until January 10th for 34,560 yen, and is scheduled to release in May. This enormous figure is one that diehard Attack on Titan fans shouldn’t pass up, so keep an eye on the upcoming release of this new collector’s item!


Universal Studios brings Evangelion and Titans to life

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Universal Studios Japan, one of the four global Universal Studios theme parks, is looking to open the new year in a cool new way with a variety of attractions dedicated to various anime and video games! Located in the Osaka Prefecture, the theme park has announced these attractions for its upcoming Universal Cool Japan event, which will run at the park from January 23rd to May 10, 2015. Included in these attractions is a themed attraction based on the popular mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion! The new type, titled “Evangelion the Real 4D”, well take place in the Universal Studio Cinema 4D theater, which features moving seats alongside smoke, mist, wind, and other sensory effects to immerse viewers in the ride. The Evangelion attraction will feature an original story in the Evangelion universe, in which visitors spectate a battle between Eva Unit 01 and a giant Angel from a large helicopter. The exhibit will also featured 3D footage, and will even feature an unknown unique kind of Eva!


On top of that, Universal has also announced a statue commemorating the recent manga and anime series Shingeki no Kyojin, otherwise known as Attack on Titan! The statue will recreate the battle between protagonist Eren Yeager in his Titan form against the equally-massive Female Titan. The statues will be life-size, and will stand 50 feet tall! The statues will be accessible to all visitors of the site, and Universal will also be planning walk-through tours around the statues. On top of the Evangelion and Titan exhibits, attractions are also planned based on the Resident Evil Series, titled Biohazard in Japan, along with the popular Monster Hunter franchise. These cool events and more planned to open next year, with news about each to be released in the following months.