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6th India Art Fair brings world together

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The 6th India Art Fair just recently came to an end on February 2nd, and has brought the world together under one roof to showcase artwork from all different genres. India Art Fair is South Asia’s leading art fair for modern and contemporary art from across the world. The fair, held at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in New Delhi, featured over 1000 artists spanning across three tents and 91 booths, ranging from paintings, sculptures, performance art, installations, and more. Among these artists were internationally-based artists from the US, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, and China, among other nations.


The fair was lauded as a means for artists, both professional and up-and-coming, to come together for a common purpose: to expose the general Indian audience to artwork. Stating that the Indian art scene is very inaccessible due to exclusivity and small galleries, the 6th India Art Fair opened its doors to newer, less established artists alongside the big names in order to help both the artists and the general public, many of which had never seen “art” before, understand more about the international world of art.


As the show closed its doors, the fair organizers reported that a large number of exhibitors completely sold out, and 96% of artists at the even reported sales that exceeded their expectations. This positive experience for the artists, fair organizers, and the public is a very promising sign of things to come in the art world, not just in India, but on a global scale.

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With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, TOMODACHI would like to offer our customers a special offer! For a limited time, customers who spend $30 or over will receive a complimentary Keith Haring x (RED) 1″ keychain!


On top of that, customers who spend $100 or more will get their choice of either Keith Haring x (RED) snapback cap or knit beanie, free of charge! These Kidrobot products were made with the Keith Haring Studio and (RED) in order to support the fight against AIDS. This offer is only available while supplies last, so make sure to stop by TOMODACHI and share the love while you can!


Keith Haring was an artist who devoted his time and artwork to fight against disease and ill-will throughout the world. Creating more than 50 public works in the 1980s, he donated most of his work to charities, hospitals, orphanages, and other institutes to help spread his message. Haring also established the Keith Haring Foundation, which to this day continues to provide funding and resources to AIDS organizations and children’s programs, and helped spread Haring’s art and message across the world. Keith Haring was a victim of AIDS himself, and died at the age of 31 in 1990. Since then, his work has continued to hold meaning in our struggle against AIDS, and his foundation works tirelessly towards helping to cure this disease.

(RED), established in 2006, has been working with a variety of big-name companies in order to spread awareness on AIDS and help campaign to help eliminate HIV and AIDS worldwide. Partnering with companies like Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, GAP, Hallmark, Converse, Kidrobot, and more, 50% of every (RED) product’s price is donated to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, in order to help combat AIDS across the world.


Sochi Olympics will feature giant 3D 'Pin-Art'

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With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia coming closer and closer, new plans have been unveiled to make the visitors as important as the athletes, thanks to phone company MegaFon. Partnered up with London-based artist Asif Khan, He has designed a giant mobile 3D pin wall for the upcoming Olympics, and plan to place 3D phone booths across both the Olympic grounds at Sochi and Russia.
Visitors who use these 3D phone booths will have their faces scanned, and be displayed in giant 3D renditions upon the pin wall during the Olympics.


The screen itself is made of 10,000 actuators which will adjust both shape and lighting according to the 3D scans, effectively recreating the person’s face at a massive scale. The faces will be constantly changing throughout the duration of the Olympics, and visitors will even be able to find out at what time their face will appear on the wall, as well as download a video of their avatar’s appearance from MegaFon’s website. With the Sochi Olympics taking place between February 7th to the 23rd, it’s amazing to see what kind of artistic innovation can be brought to the world stage.


Frank Kozik's new wave of Labbits

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Frank Kozik has once again worked together with Kidrobot to bring you a whole new batch of amazing new “The Lore of the Labbit” blind box set, which features 18 mythical myths in vinyl form. Featuring designs like sasquatches, yetis, aliens, kind lizards, and other urban legends, these 1.5″ Labbits are just as collectible as they are grotesque!

These awesome new Labbit designs are available now at TOMODACHI, both in-store at our Rosedale Shopping Center location as well as our online shop! Make sure to stop by and pick up a brand-new Labbit design for yourself!


3D printed Hershey's Chocolate!

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With 3D printing becoming a more affordable and easier prospect for consumers worldwide, some companies are looking into taking their products to the next level with this new medium. Hershey Company is one of the biggest names, who recently partnered up with printing company 3D Systems to develop “innovative opportunities” in the 3D-printed food industry.


This agreement will take advantage of 3D Systems’ new ChefJet printer, which uses edible materials like sugar and chocolate in order to print out a delicious customized snack. There are no current plans or releases as to what exactly 3D Systems and the Hershey Company will create together, but with the ChefJet’s recent reveal earlier this month, whatever they come up with will be just as beautiful as it is tasty!


New "Kiki's Delivery Service" live-action trailer

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Studio Ghibli has been known for creating a wide variety of classic animated films over the past decades, bringing to life childhood stories as well as original tales. Now, one of Studio Ghibli’s most famous movie adaptations, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, will be receiving the live-action treatment, using actors and CG rather than hand-drawn animation.


The newest trailer for this upcoming film features the film’s theme song, “Wake Me Up,” and also unveils the first footage of Kiki’s black cat, Jiji. The film will open in Japan on March 1st, 2014, with no current plans to localize the movie for the West.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a children’s fantasy novel, originally published in 1985 by writer Eiko Kadono. The story follows the adventures of Kiki, a young witch, who uses her magic abilities to earn a living. The novel was incredibly popular, spawning several sequels and leading to the Studio Ghibli movie rendition in 1989. Ghibli’s film adaptation helped spread the novel’s story across the world, and even created its own manga adaptation and stage musical.


Dubai launches urban art event

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The city of Al Quoz, Dubai is reaching out to pop artists and urban designers to participate in their first Street Night Art event! An entire section of road will be closed off during this event, where 70 artists and performers will light up the town with live paintings and performances. The Street Night Art event will also feature concerts, charity paintings, and meet-and-greets with the artists. This event will take places from 6PM to midnight on Friday, January 24th, and will be free for anyone to come by and have a fun night with artists.


Over a year in the making, the Street Night Art event hopes to show that urban art can add to a city environment, bringing creativity and life for passerby and artists alike. Hoping to make Street Night Art an annual event, planners hope to show the world that Dubai is the newest major capital for culture and artwork!


CES 2014 highlights

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Each year, some of the biggest names in the technology industry gather at the annual International CES convention in Las Vegas to exhibit the hottest tech and gadgets for the year and near future. This year’s CES 2014 proved to be one of the biggest yet, showing off some really cool gadgets from January 6th to January 9th. A huge variety of technology from all different genres was shown off, holding something new and exciting for all fans.


3D printing, one of the fastest growing tech industries of the past couple of years, held a variety of surprises for the future. One of the biggest surprises was the sheer number of printers and companies showing off their merchandise at the show; more than 27 different 3D printing exhibits were live on-floor. With such a rise in variety and competition, prices have also taken a huge turn, with costs dropping below $1000 on several printers. Several of the newer printers also featured new technology to allow easier and more consistent prints, including auto-leveling, SLA resin printing machines, and more! Compared to last year’s CES, 3D printing has stepped into the spotlight and made a name for itself as a feasible and affordable home product.


A number of new robotics companies were also at CES, showing off their newest practical robots. One such robot was the Ozobot, a tiny automated robot designed to identify colors, patterns, and lines in order to play board games with customers. Another robot at the show, the Ecovacs Winbot, was shown cleaning windows with adaptive suction technology, along with sensors to prevent the little worker from falling off of the surface. Finally the Robothespian, created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, was debuted at the show as a life-size humanoid robot. The Robothespian functions as an entertainer, greeter, and news podium, designed for public areas such as science centers, museums, exhibitions, and lobbies.


Video game news was also at the forefront at CES, including the first looks and public hands-on test of the brand new Steam Machine by Valve. Known as the creator of the Steam video game application for PCs and Macs, Valve has helped create and publish some of the most popular video games for the PC in the past few years, and has revolutionized the digital video game market. With their new Steam Machine, Valve plans to offer a diverse, low-cost alternative to expensive gaming PCs, as well as make its huge market of games more accessible to the general audience. Sony also revealed their new online gaming service, titled PlayStation Now. This new service, offered on the PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Vita, Sony Bravia TVs, smartphones, tablets, and more, will offer a new streaming service, allowing customers to directly download their favorite titles and play on the go. Multiplayer will also be supported, although no direct release dates were announced during the show.


A wide variety of cool new gadgets were also shown off at the show, covering a huge variety of genres and applications. Some of the coolest new tech included gadgets like a 360-degree camcorder able to record panoramic videos, smart glasses that display a blue heads-up display directly in the lens, Audi vehicles with adaptive auto-driving


New Patlabor live-action release!

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The 1988 Patlabor anime series was recently confirmed to be revived through a series of live-action shorts and films to begin in 2014 with teaser images and posters showing off the signature Labor mech, Ingram. Now, as we get closer and closer to release date, the official Patlabor website has uploaded a variety of new photos, showing off Ingram’s cockpit, as well as other photos from the upcoming series.


Along with this, news was released concerning the nature of the series. The Patlabor live-action series will consist of seven 50 minute long parts, released over the course of 2014, alongside a 10-minute “Episode 0″ prequel short. On top of that, a feature-length movie is also in the works, and will be released in spring 2015. The shorts will feature Patlabor’s signature comedy / drama story, and even use real-life robots like the Kurata as part of the Labor series of robots. The first part will release on April 5, 2014, so Patlabor fans only have to wait a few short months to see the revival of this classic mecha franchise!


Mobile Police Patlabor was a weekly manga written by Masami Yuki from 1988 to 1994, and is set in a future where robots called “Labors” are employed in heavy construction work. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has its own fleet of Labor robotic police officers, called Patlabors, to combat crimes and deal with accidents involving Labors. The story focuses on Noa Izumi, a member of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2, and her division. Eventually spawning anime adaptations, light novels, and movies, Patlabor is considered one of the classic mechs anime franchises to this day.


Special Offer!

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Customers who spend $30 or more will get a FREE MUNNYWORLD Zipper Pull ($4 value).
Bring fun wherever you go – rip, clip, and zip MUNNY zipper pulls to almost anything. Series includes MUNNY and his mates and all the stuff they have hidden under their beds: ray guns, spray cans, ice cream cones, ninja stars, glow-in-the-dark bananas, and televisions from 1968!