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Desktop machine creates custom 3d-printing filament

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3D printing has been steadily growing over the past years, and is now an affordable household item for many families across the nation. However, one of the biggest concerns has been the lack of variety in the plastic filament, which is what the printers use as their “ink” to create their 3D models. UK-based team OmniDynamics hopes to fix this problem with their new Stroodler desktop machine, which will be able to convert plastic pellets into filaments for 3D printers!


The Stroodler, which is set to release in October, will be able to create both PLA and ABS filaments, which are the current industry standard for a majority of printers, and OmniDynamics is working on support with other household plastics, like plastic water bottles. Since the machine creates the filament by melting down the small plastic pellets and mixing them together, users can even scrap their failed 3D-printed projects and transform them into usable filament once again. Plastics can also be mixed to create custom colors and plastic consistencies, making this the first tool of its kind for household 3D printing.


Retired hedge artist completes decade-long dragon

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75-year-old John Brooker, retired englishman and gardener, has completed his years-long project of transforming his garden hedge into a massive dragon! The sculpture, which measures over 100 feet long, is located at John’s house in East Rudham, Norfolk, Englang, and has been the product of 10 years of trimming and sculpting the hedge over a long period of time.

Brooker, who says he was inspired to cultivate the hedge because he thought it was boring, was inspired by Malaysian art in the creation of his hedge monster. The dragon, which features three pairs of legs, wavy body, wing decorations and a fully detailed head, has now become a sensational display piece for the town, drawing attention from locals as well as throughout the internet.


Google reveals prototype self-driving car

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Google has been testing autonomous self-driving cars since 2009, driving over 700,000 miles in modified vehicles with no accidents or injuries. Now, Google has unveiled its plans to take this project to the next step with their new prototype autonomous vehicle! Unlike the last two Google self-driving cars, which were modified from existing vehicles like the Totoya Prius and Lexus RX350h, the new Google car has been designed from the ground up to drive itself! Because of this, it has removed many items and equipment from the car that was necessary for human-input driving, like the steering wheel and pedals.

This first prototype vehicle is designed with safety in mind, taking advantage of foam-like plastics and windshield in order to minimize damage in the event of a crash. The car also only has a range of 100 miles, and can only reach speeds of 25 mph, but both of these limitations were designed with the purpose of safety, as well as to test out the autonomous driving functions. 100 of these new cars will be tested in California this summer, and will be taken to public roads across the nation by the end of the year. While Google says that fully autonomous cars are at least five years away from being ready for commercial use and retail, this new prototype vehicle is a big step towards making this sci-fi dream a reality.


Intel announces 3D-printed robot for retail release

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In a move to help bring robots to an affordable retail price, Intel has announced a brand-new robot: Jimmy! Jimmy is a robot that able to walk, talk, move its arms, dance, and more, and is made up of primarily 3D-printed parts! Intel says that the robot will come in two special varieties: a $1,600 retail consumer version that will run on the Intel Edison chip, and a $16,000 research version, which will run on a more powerful Core i5 processor.

The robot itself will be sold as a kit, featuring the few non-3D printed parts to robot such as motor, batteries, processor, and wiring, but the rest of the robot will be made available online for consumers to download and print at home. Intel states that the Jimmy setup kit will be made available to purchase by the end of 2014, and will be fully customizable trough the use of apps to make your Jimmy into your own personalized buddy!


Hungarian students break LEGO tower world record

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Fans and spectators gathered from all over Hungary on May 25th as a five-day construction project came to a close in the capital city of Budapest, creating the tallest LEGO structure ever built! The tower reaches a total height of 114 feet, breaking the previous US record of 113 feet, and was assembled by over 5000 students with the help of older builders.


The project was supervised by LEGO managers, and features a wide variety of designs and characters, including infamous video game characters, flags, and more. Including hundreds of thousands of bricks in its construction, the tower was crowned with a Rubik’s Cube, and was certified by Guinness World Record employees and spokesmen. Located in front of St. Sephen’s Basilica in Budapest, this tower is a testament to the ingenuity and determination of its builders!


Bandai creates Figuarts Mario animation

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Earlier this month, Bandai and Tamashii Nations worked together with Nintendo to release the first fully posable Mario figure in the popular S.H. Figuarts line! In order to celebrate the occasion, Bandai artists and animators worked together to make a stop-motion animation using the figure and its accessory sets! Based on the concept of the classic zoetrope, invented in 1833 as the first animation method, the team put together a looping scenario with a number of Mario figures, as well as mushrooms, coins, blocks, pipes, and more, on a multi-level plane in order to create a fun full-motion experience for the viewers.

In a video released on their official website, Bandai shows off glimpses of behind-the-scenes work on the animation, including planning, design concepts, and more. The video ends the video with the animation itself, showing the spinning platform from several angles and perspectives. The animation shows off the S.H. Figuarts Mario figure and its degree of possibility along with its accessories, making this video a must-watch for fans everywhere!


TMNT Ooze Action figures by Viacom

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, originally created as a comic book series in 1984, have since become international cartoon icons, with a brand-new movie releasing in August 2014. To celebrate this occasion, media company Viacom has partnered up with Kidrobot to release a brand-new series of collectible figurines based on the hit franchise! This new set of vinyl figures features the four title protagonists, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, alongside their mentor Splinter and arch nemesis Shredder! Each figure stands at 3 inches tall, features their own sets of accessories and weapons, and even glows in the dark! TOMODACHI now has these iconic cartoon character in stock, so make sure to drop by our Rosedale Shopping Center location or our online shop to pick up these adorable animals for yourself!

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Pharrel Williams x KAWS perfume bottle revealed

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Information about Pharrell Williams’ latest exhibition venture at the Galerie Perrotin in Paris, France was originally released in late April, with news on upcoming collaborations with KAWS, Murakami, and other artists. Now, with the exhibit opening next Tuesday, May 27th, photos of Pharrell’s collaboration with KAWS have finally been revealed! The collaboration itself is themed after Pharrell Williams’ laters album, “G I R L”, and is a joint venture between Pharrell, KAWS, and fashion label Comme des Garçons. This unique fragrance will contain scents of iris, styrax, violet, patchouli, and cedar, and will be made available worldwide in the coming months.


Williams’ upcoming exhibit at the Galerie Perrotin, which will remain open from May 27th to June 25th, will be a show dedicated to independent artists all over the world, and will host unique artworks from 34 international artists like Takashi Murakami, KAWS, Marina Abramovic, Andy Warhol, Laurent Grasso, Guerrilla Girls, and more. The exhibit, like the perfume, will be themed after Pharrell’s “G I R L” album, standing as a tribute to strong women and love across the world. With his recent music video collaboration with Murakami’s “Jellyfish Eyes” movie alongside the release of his newest album, 2014 is a big year for Pharrell Williams, and more is sure to come in the following months!


Disney reveals Big Hero 6 trailer

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Disney, who has created a number of comic book movies alongside Marvel since their acquisition in 2009, has released our first look at the newest Marvel comic movie: ‘Big Hero 6′! This movie, which will be the first animated Marvel feature film, stars the protagonist Hiro Hamada and his robot Baymax.


Disney has released photos of Baymax alongside the first teaser trailer for the movie, showing off the new animation style and humor implemented into the film. The producers of the film say that ‘Big Hero 6′ will also be one of the first Marvel films to be independent of its comics origin, and use the original story as inspiration in the creation of an entirely new world. The movie is set to release on November 7th, 2014, and news about more characters and the story will surely be unveiled as we move closer to the release date.


Transformers life-size statues announced!

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With the Transformers universe celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, alongside the upcoming release of the ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction movie on June 27th, toy company Kids Logic has decided to celebrate the occasion in a big way with their new Optimus Prime and Bumblebee statues. While not exactly life-size, these statues stand over 10 feet tall, making them the largest Transformers retail release in history!


The two statues, modeled after their appearance in the upcoming film, feature their own stands, as well as numerous LEDs throughout their body. Optimus even comes with his sword from the movie, making these statues an astounding display piece. Priced at $13,000 each, these statues will release at the end of June, coinciding with the movie release.