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Tezuka Productions announces Astro Boy reboot

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Founded in 1968 by Osamu Tezuka, world-renowned cartoonist, animator, and film producer, Tezuka Productions is an animation studio that has since worked to bring Tezuka’s beloved manga characters to life, creating several TV shows, movies, video games, and more dedicated to Tezuka’s creations. Now, Tezuka Productions has announced a joint partnership with Monaco-based Shibuya Productions and France-based Caribara Animation in the creation of a brand new TV series reboot of the Astro Boy franchise!


Announced at the recent International Animation Film Market at the Annecy Film Festival in Annecy, France, the eeries will combine classic 2D animation and CG in order to create a brand new story about Astro, the powerful robot shaped as a human boy. The series will be targeted at a new generation of children, who are otherwise unaware of Astro Boy and his previous works. With the first teaser set to release this September, an air date for the reboot is not currently known, so make sure to stay tuned for more news on this upcoming reboot!


Doraemon Cho Gattai robot figure announced

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Following last year’s release of the Disney-themed King Robo Mickey Cho Gattai combining robot from Bandai, a brand new entry into the Cho Gattai series has been announced, based on the popular Doraemon series! This new figure, which will stand at just over 8 inches tall, is compromised of robotic interpretations of a variety of Doraemon characters, including Doremi, Korosuke, Chimpui, Gonsuke, Perman, and Doraemon himself.


Each of these six figures is made out of die cast metal, and will transform into one segment of the giant robot, creating a must-have collectible for fans of the franchise around the world! Priced at 13,800 yen, this newest Cho Gattai figure will release in November 2014.


Nintendo announces Amiibo figurines

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Nintendo, which has been making large strides in innovating the video game genre over the past decades, has announced their next move by introducing a new toy series of some of their biggest franchises! Titled Amiibo, these new figurines act as both high-end collectibles for fans as well as offer a new means for users to interact with their Nintendo games.


Taking cues from Activision’s Skylanders and Disney’s Infinity figures, Nintendo’s Amiibo toys will interact with video games by being scanned into a specially designed reader, and will be compatible with a variety of games on both the Nintendo WiiU console as well as the 3DS handheld system. The figures will be compatible with a number of Nintendo titles like Super Smash Bros. as well as the recently released Mario Kart 8, along with other unannounced titles in the future. These toys, which feature iconic characters like Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, and more, will release in December in a set of around 10 figures, with more to come in the future!


Sonic the Hedgehog move announced

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Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of SEGA’s most popular mascots for years, receiving a number of video games, comic books, TV adaptations, and more. With the newest Sonic cartoon, Sonic Boom, announced and coming to TVs across the nation in the coming months, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that the blue hedgehog is heading to theaters with a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog movie!


The new movie will be unrelated to the upcoming Sonic Boom cartoon, and will be produced as a live-action hybrid movie, and will be created with the help of SEGA’s internal CG animation film company. The movie will be produced by Toby Ascher and Neal H. Moritz, and will be written by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux. While no release date or other information about the movie has yet been released, producers assure that the movie will attempt to capture what generations of fans have loved about the Sonic franchise over the years, as well as expand the series to a brand new audience!


Scribble pen matches any real-world color

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Choosing color for your art, digital or traditional, has been made easier than ever with the debut of the new Scribble pen. This pen, which is currently in the works, will be able to use a built-in scanner at the end of the pen to capture any color you can find, and translate it into usable ink! This is accomplished through the use of an onboard computer, which translate the scanned color into its six-digit RGB hex code equivalent. Then, five rechargeable cartridges located inside of the pen will automatically mix the necessary ink to recreate the color, which can then be used to draw on anything you’d like.


On top of that, a stylus version of the tool is also in the works, which will be able to connect to any tablet or computer via Bluetooth or Micro USB adaptor, and perform similar tasks digitally. Each pen can store information on 100,000 colors at any time, and can detect up to 16 million colors with its scanner. With the pen version priced at $145.95 and its digital stylus equivalent priced at $79.95, these pens will be available for preorder in the coming months, making them an ideal tool for artists in any craft.

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Sanrio announced first Hello Kitty Con

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Hello Kitty, one of the most iconic characters in the world, has been celebrating its 40th anniversary this year in a big way, showing off new merchandise, collaborations, and various events over the past few months. In order to continue celebrating the momentous occasion, Sanrio has announced the world’s first ever Hello Kitty Con! This new 4-day long convention event will open its doors at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary art in Downtown Los Angeles on October 30th, and promises to be a huge event for fans of Hello Kitty and all of her friends! Hello Kitty Con will offer a variety of interactive events for visitors, including Hello Kitty retrospectives, talks and panels, workshops, art events, games, parties, and meet-and-greets. Tickets are on sale now, and Hello Kitty fans across the world are jumping at the chance to visit this one-of-a-kind convention!

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Artist transforms shipyard into light art

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Croatian artist Deak Skira is a designer who specializes in the use of innovative lighting solutions in the use of landspaces, commercial and residential spaces, and more. Now his work is lighting up his hometown, as his newest work has recently been unveiled at the Uljanik Shipyard in the seaside city of Pula, Croatia. This installation piece, titled “Lighting Giants”, highlights some of the oldest working shipyard cranes in the world, which have been operational since 1856.

The light show begins every night at 9PM, and turns on for 15 minutes every hour until midnight. In these 15 minutes, the installed lights transform the industrial skyline into multi-colored spectacles that resemble classical origami cranes, with various different colors and hues cycled through over the course of the night. Skira, who notes that the project took 14 years to come to fruition, was inspired by the sight of the cranes as a child.


Madam Mayhem Dunny by Kronk

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Kronk, South African toy designer and graphic artist, has announced a new Dunny release alongside Kidrobot, the Madam Mayhem Dunny! This Dunny, which stands at 8″ tall, features an ornate sorceress design, with feather headdress plumes, neon colors, and intricate decals all over the figure! On top of that, one in six figures will come in a unique dusk-purple chase.


Banksy art recreated in LEGO

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Award-winning professional photographer Jeff Friesen has been working with LEGO bricks since last summer, creating photo series like “The Great LEGO North” and “50 States of LEGO” which tell unique and lovable stories through the familiar building bricks. Friesen has now shown off his latest LEGO photo series, based on the popular street artist Banksy!


Titled “Bricksy: LEGO Banksy”, this new photo series not only adapts several Banksy graffiti pieces into miniature format, but also adds a new dimension to these pictures, giving Banksy’s work a new humorous meaning. The series include 20 photos, and prints can be bought directly from The Brick Fantastic’s website. With a new book titled “United States of LEGO” coming out this September, more fun and exciting LEGO works are sure to come!




Banksy is a world-known street artist whose identity has remained completely anonymous for over a decade. Banksy’s art often turns up where people least expect it: on a street corner, on the side of an old building, and so on. Hiding complex and aggressive political statements behind cute characters and funny imagery, his work has gained international fame, as well as a multitude of imitators. Banksy has also worked in filmography, releasing his first film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010 to much praise from art enthusiasts as well as film critics. Releasing work to this day, Banksy continues to be one of the most iconic and mysterious artists of our age.


Classic art recreated with LEGO

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Italian artist Marco Sodano has been known for his work with the classic LEGO brick-building toy, including a recent campaign last November to recreate classic paintings and masterpieces with the colored bricks. Sodano has now followed up on his LEGO project with a new set of “paintings”, recreating works from artists like Van Gogh, da Vinci, Grant Wood, and René Magritte.


These LEGO works, which have been featured in LEGO’s most recent ad campaign by Geometry Global in Hong Kong, presents the paintings in small-scale, pixelated recreations which mimic the paintings accurately from afar. Wanting to inspire creativity in viewers both young and old, Sodano’s pieces breathe a new life into these classic masterpieces.