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Mario joins forces with Puzzle & Dragons

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Popular smartphone game franchise Puzzle & Dragons has announced a brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS series, which will feature Mario and friends! The game, titled “Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition”, will feature classic Mario characters and enemies, and will gear the iconic puzzle gameplay to fit into the Mario universe, including adding an overworld map and new mechanics. Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle-based collection RPG game, in which players line up rows of blocks to do battle with and collect monsters. While the Puzzle & Dragons series is known for partnering up with a variety of companies to create exclusive character-based collectibles from franchises like Dragon Ball, Hello Kitty, Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Fist of the North Star, and more, this will be the first unique Puzzle & Dragons game based entirely on a collaborative effort. The game is scheduled to release in Japan on April 29th, with no current news on an overseas release.


Mercedes-Benz's self-driving car at CES 2015

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The International Consumer Electronics Show is a convention in Las Vegas in which inventors and companies big and small can show off planned releases and prototypes for the future of technology. Automobile company Mercedes-Benz, hoping to lead the world into a new future of driving, unveiled their newest vehicle by driving it up the Las Vegas Strip to the convention hall, only to reveal that the car was driving itself. The new Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion, sporting a sleek silver look fitting of a futuristic car prototype, is the company’s first fully autonomous vehicle.


The F015 uses an innovative interior designed around a carriage-based concept, and features fully rotating seats that allow users to face each other directly while the car is in self-driving mode. The interior also features a number of touch-screen panels and screen throughout the vehicle, and can even project an image of what’s in front of the car to passengers through these screens, allowing users to monitor the road at all times. The F015 can be switched between autonomous mode and manual mode, and uses LED-studded bumpers on the car to let fellow drivers know which mode the vehicle is in. The vehicle is even designed to sense pedestrians, and will stop and project an image to signal to people outside of the vehicle that it is safe to cross.


On top of that, the F015 is emission-free! The car runs off of a fuel cell that creates electricity through the combination of hydrogen and oxygen, and uses innovative cylinders within the vehicle that keep the hydrogen components safe, even in the event of an accident. Clearing this hurdle was a major step in making this emission-free vehicle safe for the road. The car is currently designed to run for 550 miles off of its hydrogen fuel cells, and an added 125 miles off of its internal batteries. Unfortunately, the F015 is not slated to be available to consumers until around 2030, making the Mercedes-Benz F015 a look into the distant future of vehicular transportation.


Ant-Man teaser trailer at CES 2015

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Having been in development since 2006, the world was finally treated to our first official look at the upcoming Ant-Man movie at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show! The movie will star Scott Lang, a master thief who steals a shrinking suit from scientist Hank Pym. Lang uses the suit to transform into size-changing hero Ant-Man, whose suit also gives him the means to communicate with small creatures. The trailer gives a glimpse into some of the story, as well as shows off the Ant-Man suit in full for the very first time! Ant-Man is scheduled to release this upcoming July, so look forward to the latest in Marvel’s repertoire of superhero films!


Robot transforms beach into canvas

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Researchers and scientists at ETH Zurich have taken sand art to the next level with their newest robotic creation! This robotic artist, titled the Beach Bot, was originally unveiled at December’s TechFest in Mumbai, India, and is able to transform any imported artwork or line art design into a large-scale sand pattern, approximating the size of the drawing and then using its rear-mounted rake to etch the artwork into the sand. The robot can be remote controlled as well as left to draw autonomously, and is able to create swooping loop patterns as well as iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and Nemo! While the robot excels at loops and curves, it is able to create right angles by simply lifting its rake, repositioning itself with internal sensors and scanners, and placing the rake down to continue the line. In the future, the Beach Bot team hopes to expand the robot’s abilities by equipping it with various tools to create different textures and erase its own line. Watch the video below to see the robot in action!


Dubai celebrates New Year's with light show

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As 2014 came to a close, people across the world celebrated the coming of the new year in a variety of ways, from small family gatherings to giant festivals in the streets. Not ones to be outdone, Dubai decided to commemorate the coming of 2015 with a giant LED light and fireworks show around the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world! The Burj Khalifa towers over its surroundings at 2,722 feet, and was the central focus of Dubai’s New Years celebrations. The event, which was attended by millions of residents and tourists, featured a number of LED light displays around the building, along with a number of fireworks shot from and around the Burj Khalifa, creating an astounding spectacle of light and sound. The famous Dubai Fountain right outside the Burj Khalifa also took part in the event, creating waves of water spouts to coincide with the light show above. The event lasted a total of 45 minutes, and is a must-see for everyone as we welcome 2015!


Danboard stop-motion animation trailer

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The iconic Danboard character from the Yotsuba&! manga series is about to get its own stop-motion movie series! Animation studio Dwarf, which is responsible for the popular Domo-kun TV animations, will be helming the project, and will be using the Danboard Revoltech figure to create short movies about the figure in a variety of environments, ranging from the desktop to outside and even underwater! The DVD and Blu-ray releases of these shorts will debut in Japan on March 20th, and include a Mini Revoltech version of the Danboard figure, along with the soundtrack CD and special packaging. Check out a preview of the adorable Danboard in action in the trailer below!


Attack on Titan BE@RBRICK makes 1000% debut

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Fans of the hit manga and anime series “Attack on Titan” can now look forward to a BE@RBRICK of the iconic Colossal Titan, courtesy of Medicom Toys. The 400% BE@RBRICK of the Colossal Titan, which stands at 11″ tall and released in February 2014, will receive a brand-new makeover into the giant 1000% BE@RBRICK line. The new figure will tower over the 400% version, reaching a height of over 27″! The 1000% BE@RBRICK is available for pre-order through Medicom until January 10th for 34,560 yen, and is scheduled to release in May. This enormous figure is one that diehard Attack on Titan fans shouldn’t pass up, so keep an eye on the upcoming release of this new collector’s item!


Happy 2015 from TOMODACHI!

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With 2014 finally coming to a close, we’d like to thank all of our customers and fans for making this past year an awesome one for all of us at TOMODACHI! From the variety of events we’ve attended throughout the year to the new opening of our Mall of America store, we’ve had a lot to be thankful for, and we couldn’t have done it without our local and international fanbase. Now that 2015 is right around the corner, we’re excited for the awesome art shows, events, conventions, and more waiting for us in the coming months, and we can’t wait to share this and more with all of you! Once again, thank you all so much for making 2014 a year to remember, and we hope to see you very soon in 2015!


New Popin' Cookin offer at TOMODACHI

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Popin’ Cookin is a Japanese do-it-yourself candy kit line that has taken the world by storm! These fun kits come in a variety of styles and flavors, and allow users to create edible miniature sushi, hamburgers, donuts, cakes, ice cream, gummy treats, and much more. These kits come with the mix as well as the molds, giving users everything they need to make their own sugary treats. These popular do-it-yourself cooking kits are available now at both TOMODACHI Rosedale and TOMODACHI Mall of America, and we are happy to announce a new special for all our Popin’ Cookin fans. Customer who buy two Popin’ Cookin kits will receive a third kit of equal or lesser value for 50% off! This new special is only available while supplies last, so make sure to check out our selection of Popin’ Cookin kits while you can!


Holiday Offer!

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Happy Holidays! Customers who spend $50 or more will receive a gift set containing one bag of Pocky and a bottle of ramune(any flavor), while customers who spend $100 or more will receive a larger gift set, which includes a bag of Pocky, a bottle of ramune(any flavor), and a 10th Anniversary TOMODACHI t-shirt. This special offer will be available at both of our stores now while supplies last, so make sure to stop by and take advantage of this one-day offer!


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