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Cronzy pen lets users draw in millions of colors

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Take a look at the future of ink with the upcoming Cronzy pen! The Cronzy pen, which is currently in development to hit retail markets in 2017, is designed to be a multi-use drawing tool, made unique by its ability to instantly choose and draw in over 16 million colors! The pen will be able to select colors either via a Bluetooth connection to your computer or smartphone, or by using the pen’s built-in color scanner to grab any color from the environment around you. The pen then takes the chosen color and creates the exact tone and hue through the use of a unique CMYK cartridge located inside of the pen. The Cronzy pen will surely be a useful tool for artists of all trades, so make sure to keep your eye on this awesome new product!



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This Saturday, come dressed to impress in your best Pusheen-inspired look for your chance to win awesome prizes! As part of our superfun Pusheen Party on August 13th, we invite you to get creative — looks can be anything from cosplay to kawaii to face painting to fashion based on a Pusheen color palette and beyond — anything goes as long as it ties back somehow to our friend Pusheen and makes us smile. All ages and genders are welcome to participate. Visit the Pusheen official Facebook page for tons of character and prop inspiration!

Possible ideas:

- Original fashion with Pusheen iconography
- Handmade Pusheen props that match your outfit
- Elaborate Pusheen nail art or makeup
- a styled look using Pusheen colors and concepts

Prizes will be awarded in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Judging will take place at 4pm sharp at TOMODACHI.

1st Prize: 24″ Pusheen Plush + $100 TOMODACHI Gift Card & Gift Bag
2nd Prize: Pusheen Donut Plush + $50 TOMODACHI Gift Card & Gift Bag
3rd Prize: Pusheen Plush + $25 TOMODACHI Gift Card & Gift Bag

Celebrity Judges:


Samantha Rei, Fashion Designer, Illustrator & Author //

Samantha R. Crossland began her fashion design career with her label “Blasphemina’s Closet”, one of the first Lolita clothing lines in the US, in 2000. After closing “Blasphemina’s Closet” in September of 2013, she started anew with her new eponymous label “Samantha Rei”. “Samantha Rei” embodies the sweetness, femininity and attention to detail that has come to be expected from the designer.She’s been featured in Huffington Post, Shojo Beat, the American Gothic and Lolita Bible, Gothic Beauty, Glamour UK and Vogue UK. Samantha was named one of 2014 City Pages “Artists of the Year” and 2016 Best of the Twin Cities “Best Fashion Show” and Reader’s Choice “Best Local Fashion Designer.” In 2015 she authored and illustrated a how-to book on subculture fashion design called Steampunk and Cosplay Fashion Design and Illustration. Samantha strives to help women feel confident, strong and comfortable in their own skin. She believes they can all be beautiful warriors.


Christopher Straub, Project Runway Season 6 Fashion Designer & Children’s Book Author //

Christopher Straub is a Twin Cities based fashion and accessories designer who gain national exposure on season 6 of Project Runway. Since his time on the show Christopher has worked on projects with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Maurices, Target, Yoplait and PBS. He’s also been featured in such magazines as US Weekly, Star, People, and O Oprah Magazine. Even though fashion is still his focus, Straub has found success with his series of children’s books and plush toys.


‘Frozen’ musical coming to Disney cruise

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Disney has recently announced that a brand-new musical based on the popular “Frozen” franchise will make its debut exclusive on the Disney cruise liner, the Disney Wonder! The musical will feature eight songs in a Broadway-style presentation, and will feature all of fan’s favorite characters, including Elsa, Anna, Hans, and more. Cartoon characters Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman will even star in the musical as unique puppets! The show is scheduled to debut in November alongside other classic stage productions, so tourists can look forward to a chilling new experience on Disney Wonder this fall!


LEGO donates Rio replica for Olympics

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Just in time for the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, LEGO has donated a massive recreation of the city in its iconic building blocks to the city! The model consists of over 930,000 brick, and required 50 professional LEGO construction artists to work over a year to complete it in time. The model includes a wide variety of iconic landmarks from the city, cramming it all into a 16ft x 20ft display. On top of that, LEGO also created unique miniature figures of Vinicius and Tom, the 2016 Olympic’s mascots! To get an in-depth look at the model and its construction, check out the series of videos below!


China deploys world’s first elevated bus

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After initially unveiling its plans for the future of public transportation in 2010, China has finally put its plan into action by mobilizing the very first elevated bus! The straddling bus, called the TEB-1, took its inaugural cruise through Qinhuangdao on August 2nd, and showed off the bus’ ability to ease traffic congestion safely. The bus itself straddles over traffic, driving on rails situated on both sides of the road, and can carry up to 300 passengers at once. The bus will continue carrying excited travelers, with plans to expand the service to other cities throughout China. Check out the video below to see the bus’ inaugural launch!



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Please join us on Saturday, August 13th from 2pm-6pm for an exclusive Pusheen celebration at our Mall of America location. We will have loads of freshly stocked Pusheen merch featuring the beloved, Facebook-famous illustrated cat, plus tons of super fun activities and giveaways throughout the day — It’s Pusheen mania at TOMODACHI!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ll be pulling out all the stops: A Pusheen photo booth, complimentary snacks and sips, interactive art activities, a fashion contest, enjoy DJ sets by DJ Bach and Tim Dao throughout the day, product giveaways and multiple hourly prize drawings for Pusheen items, gift cards and more, including a photo contest/raffle for a GIANT Pusheen Plush and a special gift for the first 100 people!

Sponsored Prize Drawings include:

A 1-night stay at Radisson Blu MOA
$100 Gift Card to FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar MOA
$100 Gift Card to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. MOA
$100 total Gift Cards (4 $25 Gift Cards) to Hard Rock Cafe MOA
More TBA!

For every $5 spent at TOMODACHI during the event, your name will be entered in the hourly drawing!

Pusheen is an adorable cartoon cat and pop culture phenomenon who originally appeared in a web comic strip called Everyday-Cute, created by illustrators Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. Pusheen’s star officially rose when she (yes, Pusheen is a girl!) became a popular animated sticker set on Facebook. Since then, Pusheen has expanded into a line of merchandise and pop culture collectables.


Come dressed to impress in your best Pusheen-inspired look for your chance to win awesome prizes! Looks can be anything from cosplay to kawaii to face painting to fashion based on Pusheen color palette/themes and beyond — anything goes as long as it ties back somehow to our friend Pusheen and makes us smile. Visit the Pusheen official Facebook page for tons of inspiration. Prizes will be awarded in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Judging will take place at 4pm sharp at TOMODACHI.

1st Prize: 24″ Pusheen Plush + $100 Tomodachi Gift card + Mystery grab bag
2nd Prize: 12″ Pusheen Donut Plush + $50 Tomodachi Gift Card + Mystery grab bag
3rd Prize: 7″ Pusheen Plush + $25 Tomodachi Gift Card + Mystery grab bag

Celebrity Judges:

Samantha Rei, Fashion Designer, Illustrator & Author //

Christopher Straub, Project Runway Season 6 Fashion Designer & Children’s Book Author //

Stop into TOMODACHI MOA in the weeks leading up to the event and snap a pic of yourself with our giant Pusheen and post on Instagram with the hashtag
#PusheenPartyMOA and tag @tomodachi_us — you’ll automatically be entered into the raffle to win!


Saturday, August 13th, 2016
2pm to 6pm / Free
Fashion Contest: 4pm

TOMODACHI Mall of America
316 North Garden
Bloomington, MN 55425

Hashtag: #PusheenPartyMOA
Follow: @tomodachi_us

High-Res Image Gallery:

For more information email


Nintendo releases Z-Ring toy with new Pokemon game

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With the newest iteration of Nintendo’s popular Pokémon franchise coming this fall with Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo has announced a new interactive toy will be released alongside the new game: The Z-Ring! The Z-Ring, which will be manufactured by TOMY, will be able to connect with your copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and will activate whenever you use one of the new Z-Moves in-game. In response to this, the ring will light up and vibrate, along with play sound effects to complement the action going on in your game! The Z-Ring can also be customized, allowing the user to swap colored gems to fit their Pokémon’s type. The Z-Ring is scheduled to release alongside Pokémon Sun and Moon on November 18th, and will surely add a level of immersion never before seen to your Pokémon experience!


Godzilla to storm Universal Studios Japan

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After the release of the Godzilla Resurgence film this past weekend, Universal Studios has announced that a brand-new attraction featuring the giant monster will be hitting Japanese shores in 2017! The attraction will be titled “Godzilla: The Real 4D”, and will open in January during Universal Studios Japan’s “Universal Cool Japan 2017” event. While not much is known about the exhibit itself outside of the press announcement, USJ has said that the 3D attraction will allow viewers to come face-to-face with Toho’s legendary monster. In the meantime, look forward to Godzilla Resurgence’s stateside release later this year thanks to Funimation, and keep an eye out for more Godzilla news.


Museum of Ice Cream opens in New York

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The much-anticipated Museum of Ice Cream has finally opened its doors! The museum, which opened on Friday, July 29th, features a variety of art and attractions based on ice cream and other confectioneries that are sure to please audiences of all ages, including an art gallery, sculptures, interactive playground, and even a full-size swimming pool filled with candy sprinkles! The exhibit also features samples of original ice cream flavors created exclusively for the museum by OddFellows and Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. The museum has so far been a huge success, with tickets selling out long before the exhibit opened its doors, but fear not! The exhibit will remain open at New York City for the rest of August, with plans to secure a more permanent location as well as tour across the country later this year! Until then, check out these awesome photos of the exhibit itself!




Patlabor reboot coming this fall

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Coming off the heels of the 2014 live-action adaptation of the classic manga and anime Patlabor, anime project Japan Animator Expo has announced that a short animated reboot of Patlabor will release this fall! The project, headed by Hideki Anno’s Studio Khara, will debut at Japan Animator Expo’s week-long screening event starting on October 15th. Featuring a fresh look at the characters and scenario of the late 1980s franchise, the Patlabor short will feature the return of Patlabor’s original scriptwriter and composer, along with other big names in the anime industry!