3D printed car at 2015 NA Auto Show

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory has collaborated with a number of companies in 3D-printed automobile venture, most recently with Local Motors and their 3D-printed car at the International Manufacturing Technology Show last September. Now, designers at ORNL has debuted their newest 3D-printed vehicle at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, located in Detroit. Here, ORNL is showing off their new 3D-printed replica of the vintage 1965 Shelby Cobra sports car, sporting a glossy paint job and a number of unique features. While the car looks like a classic Shelby Cobra on the outside, the vehicle is actually made of over 500 pounds of 3D-printed parts, including shell, frame, grill, and even headrests! The printed material is made of a carbon fiber filament mixture, allowing for a sturdy yet lightweight build. The car itself took only 24 hours to print, a step up from their 44-hour long print at the September IMTS, and is a step towards speeding up the creation and testing of car prototypes from drawing and clay concept models. While the world is still a long way from printing out our own cars from the comfort of our home, ORNL’s Shelby is a proof of concept, facilitating the testing and creation of new vehicles.

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