Artist and sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has been know for his underwater art installations, including a variety of human sculptures, and even recreating underwater architecture and even a house. Now, Taylor has finished his largest piece yet, and the largest underwater statue in the world! Titled “Ocean Atlas”, this statue of a kneeling Bahamian girl is meant to evoke the imagery of the legend of Atlas from Greek mythology, who carries the world on his back. While not nearly as large as the Greek Titan, Taylor’s “Ocean Atlas” towers over its landscape off the beach of Nassau, Bahamas, measuring over 17 feet tall and weighing 60 tons!


The art was commissioned by the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation, and was so large that Taylor had to create a new technique in which the piece was assembled underwater, rather than crafted on dry land and then lowered into its aquatic display. The process took advantage of using miniatures to plan out the piece beforehand, as well as the use of large cranes to lift the pieces into place. The “Ocean Atlas” herself, like Taylor’s previous underwater works, is crafted from a material made with ph-neutral materials that encourage wildlife to live and thrive on its surface. In time, the statue will become a living artificial reef habitat, making the piece an artistic statement as well as an environmental movement!


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