Nintendo announced CGI Pikmin movie

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Nintendo, known across the world for their beloved video game icons like Mario, Link, Pikachu, and more, has announced that a short film based on their popular Pikmin franchise will debut at the upcoming International Tokyo Film Festival. The movie, which will be screened in 3D, was created by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who wanted to use the film as a means to give his character emotion and actions that could not be performed in the game franchise. The film will be screened for free from October 23rd to the 31st at several International Tokyo Film Festival locations across Japan, and will be separated into three animated shorts.


Pikmin is a real-time strategy video game created by Nintendo famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto in 2001. Based off of Miyamoto’s gardening hobby, the games star the intergalactic traveler Captain Olimar and his exploits with the strange plant-like alien creatures called Pikmin. Olimar and the Pikmin travel together across alien landscapes to find ship pieces and treasure, and encounter dangerous native life-forms along the way. The series has since gained international fame, spawning two more games in the franchise, as well as variety of collectible toys, merchandise, and more.

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