Flower Carpet 2014 blooms in Belgium

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The city of Brussels in Belgium has once again become host to the latest entry in the biannual Flower Carpet ceremony! This event, which began in the year 1971 as a means to bring life and color to the city of Brussels, has since become a regular undertaking for Belgian artists and community members alike. This year, dozens of volunteers worked alongside accomplished artists and gardeners to make the carpet bloom in front of the Grand Palace’s main square in a matter of hours, and laid down a total of over 750,000 flowers in order to create the carpet.


This year’s flower carpet, which honors Turkish immigrants, is comprised mostly of begonias, which are renowned for their resilience to changing weather. The flowers are packed into prepared soil on a special way that prevents them from being blown away by the wind, and is treated against the summer heat. The finished result measures in at around 1,800 square meters, or 19,000 square feet!

By the carpet’s completion at nightfall, a special light show event was held at the carpet to commemorate the occasion, using sparklers and overhead lights to create a dazzling display. A testament to the beauty of natural art, the wait now begins for what 2016’s Flower Carpet has in store for us!

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