Hello Kitty sends messages from space

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In another innovative celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, Sanrio has worked together with the Japanese government in order to get Hello Kitty into space! In a movement to promote Japan’s high-tech industry as well as a means to celebrate the iconic character’s landmark anniversary, a 1.5″ Hello Kitty figurine was placed aboard the miniature satellite Hodoyoshi-3 and launched into space.

While on-board the miniature satellite, Hello Kitty sports a digital message board, where fans can send in their own personalized messages to Sanrio, who will then display the message to a live camera feed. Sanrio is currently accepting messages up to 180 words long in both English and Japanese, allowing fans from all over the world to show off their messages with the adorable mascot.

While the first round of applications ended earlier today, asking for general salutations and greetings from space, a new question theme has been opened up and will remain open until September 8th. In this round, Sanrio is asking to fans to tell them what they would do if they went into space, so feel free to enter a message to the official campaign website here!

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