Social robot aims for 2015 retail release

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Dr. Cynthia Breazeal has been working with robotics since the 1990s, teaching at the M.I.T. Media Laboratory and developing innovative robotics and solutions. One of these was the popular robot head Kismet, released in 2003 and designed to understand and interact with young children through the use of complex actuators and sensors. Dr. Breazeal has now unveiled her newest robot, titled Jibo, who is designed to be a human companion and social aid. Jibo, who stands at almost a foot tall, features a simple, abstract design, including a movable LCD screen used to display expressions, emotions, and messages. Jibo will be able to connect wirelessly to the internet, and is designed to perform a variety of tasks, including taking pictures, delivering messages, and acting as a friend with its own personality.

Dr. Breazeal hopes that Jibo will be expanded upon by app designers and third-party developers, enabling Jibo to perform more complex and personalized interactive abilities like tutoring, coaching, and more. She also hopes that the new robot will help transform the nature of human-computer interaction, transforming it into a more fluid and human-like dialogue between two individuals. The Jibo is still in developmental stages, as developer units will not be available until fall 2015, with $499 retail consumer units planned for holidays 2015, but this little robot is sure to transform the way people think about robots and technology at home and in general!

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