Experimental hover bike releases in 2017

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Aerospace company Aerofex cause the attention of people worldwide when it initially showed off its prototype for a fully functional hover bike back in 2012. Two years later, Aerofex has announced its plans to release the vehicle, titled the Aero-X, alongside a release date and estimated price point! The Aero-X, which functions thanks to two carbon fiber rotors and gyroscopes to keep the machine steady even in windy conditions, is scheduled to release in 2017 for $85,000, and features controls similar to most modern-day motorcycles.


The bike itself can carry up to 310 pounds of weight, and can operate for 75 minutes on a full tank, so the machine is not meant to replace standard vehicles. Designed specifically for user ease and comfortability, the Aero-X is even capable of off-road use and can even fly over water! The Aero-X is up for preorder now, and will be one of the first commercially available hover vehicles in the world.

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