Robot arm learns to catch objects

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For decades, humans have been working with robots to allow them to function under dynamically changing situations, which would help bring robots into daily life. Now, thanks to the Learning Algorithms and System Laboratory, or LASA for short, robotics have come one step closer to this goal with their new LBR robot. A combination of two separate robots, including the KUKA robot arm used in the highly publicized table tennis match against world-class player Timo Boll, the arm can be taught to react to flying objects, and can catch them at a surprisingly accurate rate.

The hand is initially taught through the use of its onboard camera to recognize the shape and trajectory of the object, and then displays incredible speed and agility in recognizing the object in midair and reacting to it. The robot’s high speed camera even allows it to catch objects that move as fast as a major league pitcher’s fastball pitch! LASA hopes to move forward with this technology to design robots that can help people in changing situations.

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